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I <3 Guild Hounds


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They make me jelly...


3ss models that can (usually) interact makes for such awesome out-activation potential! NtK's crew from last night's game is such a cool crew. It's basically 4 dogs and the Sonnia crewbox (plus an additional guild minion).


Lots of awesome looking models (LOVE Sonnia's crewbox across the board), and NtK dropped the $$ for those sweet looking OOP mordheim witch hunter hounds (yes, I had to search "witch hunter" with a space to find them on ebay once :P), so the dogs also look awesome.


The many shenanigans those dogs enable is quite hilarious. Let's just say PETA would be horrified!

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That is pretty much the crew I used in the last year of first ed. I have yet to really return to Sonnia since. I do still love the hounds though. They can totally confound your opponents. When I am down to one hound and it can not interact, I kamikaze it into any model I want to slow down and watch them get frustrated trying to kill it.

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No the only things in our games so far that seem a little "whaaaaaaaaat?" are (IMO) Lilith, Sonnia, and possibly that Mechanical Rider but we shall see.  The Dec Acolytes, Guild Austringers, and maybe the Dobblebopper also stand out as ridiculously good but at ~6 pts they can't do enough to dominate a game by themselves.

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