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How many attacks?


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So I'm sure I'm confusing myself and not thinking this through completely but I'm stuck on the number of attacks a model gets. If the description states that a model is armed with 'X' weapon but the model itself has that weapon in both hands do I get to multiply the Attack number on the Warscroll by two? The description for the unit does not say anything about having the weapon in each hand. For example the Wrathmongers in Quest for Ghal Maraz says that they are armed with flails and have 4 attacks on profile. The description does not state that they have weapons in both hands but clearly the models have flails in both hands. Is the number of attacks 4 or 8 per model? Thanks...

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If they have two of the same weapon then you just use the profile for that weapon as it has taken into account any extra attacks intended.Now many units with "Paired weapons" of some sort get a bonus of rerolling ones to hit.Or like the Blood Warriors,they have a shield/claw like weapon in their off hand that doesn't affect their attack ability but provides an offensive ability in the form of a counter attack when they make a save.


I know its not all that clear but it states "The number of attacks a model can make is equal to its attack characteristic of the weapons it can use.Take this and look over your unit description to determine how you are equipping the models with what weapons it will use.The key here is the number of attacks is "equal" to the attack characteristic,,meaning theres no allowance or intention to ever double that number.


Now some units,for instance Savage Orcs can be armed with the flint choppas and Bone shards(I think that's what it was..those being two weapons but have different profiles so if you have that configuration in the unit description then you can build your models that way and make attacks with each weapon using its own profile.


There has been some rather ridiculous discussions on the web about why models with dual weapons should get to double their attacks but they really have no basis in RAW.


Hope this helps:)

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