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Ridiculous Lilith crew


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I have been playing around with this "Net list" crew that the current top UK player claims he uses in 80%+ of his games, and it really seems to be the best overall crew I have seen.


Lilith, beckon, wings

Primordial magic





2 tater tots (flex)

Full cache


The crew is very flexible and leverages tangled shadows very well. Hard to kill means you can yank dudes back to safety. Doppelganger has show you the door and rebel yell to copy. 2&3" reach plays very well with swapping to own dudes. And all that min 3+ damage rocks when you have a control hand of all 10+ cards.


Finally, with red joker in 1/5 hands and cheating initiative, the alpha strike from nekima can easily drop masters.


Anyone else tried/faced this list?

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I do think Johan is the right model for his 7 ss in this list, but I'd say Dopple, Graves, Nekima and the two Lilith upgrades are the real heart and soul of the list.


I'm not recommending you play it though :P I found it so much better than every other config that it made the crew stale. Its saving grace is that it's a super-flexible list, so it's definitely fun to play. However, I don't think it is fun to play against.


Of the masters we've been playing, Lilith seems heads and shoulders the best. The only reason she doesn't completely dominate our games is that the only tier 1 non-masters in Neverborn are Doppleganger and primordial magic (IMO). Walds, Silurid, Juju, etc... are awesome, but they're not Acolyte, Cassandra, Austringer, Rotten Belle tier (again, IMO).


For references, our current master pool is:









Lady Justice


and soon, Rasputina


Personally, I think Molly, Sonnia and Colette are all awesome. But none of them does as much in a game as Lilith, in my experience. And of those four, I think Sonnia is the most situational.

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Yeah, board control and insane melee damage are are potent combo in Lilith, makes her incredibly flexible and she can work with pretty much any crew build you want, she's not tied to specific types of models like Sonnia who really needs other models around that can pass out burning.


No one taken Pandora yet eh?

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Candy is a regular, and I'll often find room for a sorrow or two. Haven't played with Poltergeist at all as I don't have the plastics and my metal isn't on the right sized base (plus primordial magic is just too good in my books. Other than that, doppelganger almost always and then other models to suit the strat & schemes; Nekima, teddy, Waldgeists, silurids, hooded rider insidious madness, stitched, etc. Lots of options for her crew to run with, as she is pretty flexible.

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