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Basing question


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Since 40k's arbitrary switch to 32mm bases on some of their models that were formerly 25mm bases, is there still issue with basing 40k models on the round-lipped warmahordes/malifaux bases?


I'm in need of purchasing new bases for both games (40k and Malifaux), and it occurred to me that the distinction in bases may no longer matter in 40k, given GW's approach of making new base sizes for every other model.


How serious are people taking basing these days? If the size is off by a few millimeters or it's not an official GW base, but the model still looks fine on it, is there going to be a noteworthy issue?

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Hello there,


You can lay out a table o' cake and someone will complain there's no pie.


I would sincerely hope that folks wouldn't jam you up due to a BASE.  If it's a clear attempt at a competitive edge, I can at least listen to someone's complaint.


I wouldn't care, it's your army.


Stay safe,



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Also, you don't have to switch to the new size bases if you don't want to. 

That's not really the issue.


I've been rebasing models because I've been redo-ing (stripping, converting, repainting) old metal models. Been scratch building too. I've run out of 25mm bases, so I'm buying new bases either way.


I've also recent started Malifaux, which allows more freeform model selection. So, I'm thinking if I'm buying new bases anyway, why not match bases across game systems. That way, I can potentially use 40k in my Malifaux, and Malifaux in my 40k.


So, anyway, I bought 20 of the 30mm bases which are clear-green for my Dark Angels (Consecrators). I'll get them based and see, but I think they'll be a good fit. 

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