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H Sigmarines W Dwarfs


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Going to sell this for $45.00 instead. 


I am interested in building a starter dwarf army. I'd like to do a straight swap for the Sigmarite starter set figures (plus a couple of extras) but I am willing to grease palms with a little bit of cash. If you have a small collection of dwarfs (plastic only please) you'd like to unload send me a message. 


11 Liberators (7 painted)

1 Primed Mounted Lord Celestant

1 One Painted on Foot Lord Celestant

1 Primed Lord Relictor

3 Retributors (1 primed)

3 Prosecutors assembled w/o wings attached (I have them just didn't put them on)


Example of the paint job


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What Dwarf models are you looking for?


Ignore the post below I meant to reply to your question.


Having no dwarf book its hard to say. I would imagine some type of core and special so start with. Warriors, long beards and Hammers maybe. I know I want and Organ gun for sure. I'd also like to get one of the new Gyro Copters. 

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well metal is better :P jk!  but i do have a few strands of longbeards/warriors that can be sword and board or great weapon.  not the newest edition but the ones you've seen me play with(i actually like them more than the newer ones.. but i have old school dwarf tastes :wink: ).  if you are fine with painted i have a ton of regular sword and board warriors, quarrelers, thunderers...


OH!  congrats for wanting to fight for the good guys!  you'll see dwarfs are just better than everyone else :rolleyes:

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