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IG Infantry Model Substitute Question


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I'm interested in getting back into 40k, but I'd like to substitute infantry models.


What's everyone's opinion on substituting some Warlord WW2 infantry models in for some IG? The scale is the same, the only difference is vehicle size. My idea is to use Warlord infantry/gun teams and GW Vehicles. Would this be seen as a no-no, or do you think totally legit?


Thanks for your input!

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ha, ok thanks guys!


I'm thinking of using MG teams as Heavy Bolters. Light AT guns as Lascannons, mortars as mortars. Panzerschrecks for Missle launchers and autocannons will probably have to use IG gun model with crew conversions. I plan on still weapon swapping for plasma/melta guns etc.


I have a large Polish Bolt Action army that I'm hoping I can double dip a lot of models. I enjoy 40k vehicles but I'm not drawn to any infantry for any of the races. I really enjoy the bolt action infantry look though.


The price is relatively comparable. Most weapon teams for Bolt Action are 11.25$ but the AT guns are 20$.

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Better put, no one will object, plenty of people will care in the sense that they'll probably think it is cool.

My thoughts exactly. I like Cadians, but the Guard should be one of the more diverse factions. Luckily there are many cool alternatives currently. Guard tactics are generally WW1-2 anyways.


Apparently you wouldn't be able to play them in a GW shop, but luckily, with regards to this as well, there are many cool alternatives currently.

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