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  1. I lost my own chaingunner's ammo belt to the aether, almost immediately, at the same break point. An easy explanation for Jam! results though, poor fellow just never has enough bullets. Excellent modeling work as always. Looking forward to playing next year.
  2. Sign me up, boss. Looking forward to getting in more rounds with you all.
  3. I have found that the Imperial Guard (Greatswords) have rarely let me down. I run them as an offensive 40-man Great Weapon unit with a Priest to spread the hate. They can also be used to great effect with the hand weapon/shield variant, as I have seen playing them across the table. With that many mounted models you could fill a lot of your core with upgraded knights, although multiple units is limited to having a Knight Commander character. I recently started playing with a massive knight unit with priest and knight commander, which did mean work if given the charge. Even if they got caught out, they could still grind their way out of trouble. Reiters with brace of pistols are very effective, although care must be taken not to throw them too far afield. The Steam Tank and cannon are solid artillery pieces, and the tank can hold up some really burly units for most of the game. If you are up near Bellingham and would like to demo the Empire with my models, or just play T9A in general, I would be happy to oblige.
  4. I can go for this. I'll be bringing some Invincibles down tonight if anyone is game to practice.
  5. I will be by around 7:30 with some Infinity. If it’s a bit too late to game I will be lurking about.
  6. Need to refamiliarize myself but would like to get my Fantasy lads back on the table. The stability will be nice.
  7. Jake here. (Updated my namesake for consistency with other platforms) This is a recounting of my second battle, I'll work on a recount of the third as well. That one got rather bloody. Ulrik had sent ahead Skakkr to scout out the village. Unlike many of the villages the band had come across yet, this one looked to be a bit more lively. Ulrik swore by the Raven God that he would not be caught unawares this time. The wretched Sylvanian scout came back with fortunate news; two bands of warriors resplendent in rich wears squared off over the village. "They got weapons, your Jarlness, but they both look sickly, pale even. Easy pickings, I think." Skakkr licked cracked lips and looked expectantly. Ulrik gave the scout a hardy clap on the back that sent the lad to his knees, and flipped Skakkr a gold coin. The Jarl motioned his Shieldbreakers to the fore. This was a fun battle that came into a standoff near the central treasure piece. I held my men back a bit as I was cagey about getting the first charges in, but still managed to earn the ire of the Banshee. I volleyed her off to Jim, but he was able to do the same right into my back line, taking out my poor Sylvanian. A zombie's well-placed roundhouse kick critical took out one of my berserkers, and the banshee continued to carve up another Marauder. I routed on a roll of 10 without fighting the IRL warbands. Foolishly, I forgot that Wulfred the Berserker had an extra wound and could have survived to be kicked by another zombie or two, or get mauled by dogs. "Erlinda!" cried Wulfred as he staggered himself up from the ground. "I'd know that scream anywhere! You have returned for me." Wulfred the Berserker walked weaponless and entranced towards the ghostly female apparition, even as it sent Skakkr reeling to the ground with its screams, blood trickling from the Sylvanian's ears. "My Jarl," said Skeggi the Tall as he creeped up along the central tower towards Jarl Ulrik. "Wulfred's brains are addled." The Jarl gave him a pointed stare. "Aye, more so than usual though, Jarl Ulrik." Jalr Ulrik sighed and peered back at his rear guard shieldwall, which was holding off the restless dead and contending with the banshee, as Wulfred attempted to embrace the creature with limited success. He then looked over at the ensuing melee between the dreaded Dokkalfar and the Order of the Pointed Hats; the hatmen were mirthlessly gunning down the Dokkalfar as they made away with the loot. Their hounds tore at fine silk and flesh alike as the downed elves tried to claw themselves away along the blood slick cobblestones. The Order's numbers were still great. "We are only beholden to stand against enemies that number the same as we," said the Jarl as he ordered the retreat. On his way out of the hamlet he smashed his shield into Wulfred's face and turned towards the banshee's scream. He held against the force of the scream and roared back, slamming the flat of his blade Bjorndrepa into the banshee to send her careening towards the hatmen. Ulrik ordered his men to drag the wounded off the battlefield as he shouldered the champion Wulfred.
  8. Yeah I can swing that. Maybe I will win more than the one game. Roughly 7ish end time expected?
  9. Excellent battle reports @WiseKensai. Beautifully painted! You do me great honor. I'll want to get more reps in with link teams. In most of my games they were a weak link (heh) that I lost orders with in the initial rounds, forcing me to make less savory decisions with my order pools. I am glad to have met all of you. Infinity is quickly becoming my favorite miniatures game among many. Here's to growing the community. Thanks for putting this on Andy. My goals: -Get some tokens. -Push the buttons, and stay next to the buttons. -Killing stuff is cool, but seriously; buttons. -Win at least 2 games next time.
  10. Anyone else need their second game in? Probably just me, but I wouldn't mind getting caught up if some other Mordheimer is available on an evening between now and Tuesday.
  11. Ulrik's Shieldbreakers rowed hard along the River Stir with reports of a weakened Imperial Province ripe for plunder. They docked first at an abandoned, burnt down hamlet that their guide said might not have been as thoroughly picked over as it looked. Dumitru the Sylvanian, affectionately dubbed "Skakkr" (scraggly, twisted) by his newfound masters, kept point through the village. Earning his bread for the day, he spotted a group of burly, mustachioed warriors traipsing with some swagger through the city. The Norse knew these warriors well. The frequent raids from the Northern Tribes had given both Kislev and Norsca much experience fighting one another. The Shieldbreakers would use the cover of darkness to strike hard and with as little warning as possible, for the Kislevites were no strangers to war themselves. Though slightly fewer in number, the Norse made a good account of themselves as Shawn said above. I enjoyed the use of esoteric skills like hide and climb being paramount in our match. Don't forget your torches and lanterns, lads! The windmill turned out to be quite a focal point, with my merciless marauders treating the walkways along the building as they would gunwales and decking. Enough fighting men got the beat down that retreating to live another day seemed the best course. Erlend Erlsson was the only loss, his corpse dragged away with the wounded as the Norse beat a hasty retreat. The Norsemen built a pyre for the man, and as the flames climbed higher, they reflected in the eyes of the Jarl presiding over the ceremony. Hatred festered in Jarl Ulrik against the Kislevite leader; for the death of a shieldbrother, yes, but more importantly for snatching away Ulrik's first victory in this blighted land.
  12. That I do. Consequently, did you want to grab a game of Mordheim? Since I have recently come into a collection of suitable Viking Northmen and picked up a Werewolf, I will be going with Norse Explorers, ready to raid, trade, and evade.
  13. Could not make opening night but I plan to be there next week and participate in the festivities. Curious about this; if I were to get someone blooded in the first month would they be a particpant henceforth, or are we locked in to the 15 interested initially? The limit on free Syvkanian Guides is understood, of course.
  14. Oh me! Willing to pay whatever is fair.
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