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  1. I can do that. I can bring board games or whatever you want to play. Happy to just chill too.
  2. I would love to see my dearest Yarb. Whatever you want to do. If you want to play minis with someone I would be content to chill and watch even. But you must promise me a cuddle session in the dark with melodic death metal playing. Just like 5 or 10 minutes so it's not weird.
  3. An amazing metal cover of an adorable song.
  4. Who wants to get murdered by Monkeys, anarchists or the Chinese on Tuesday? Andy, Nathan and myself will be there.
  5. Anyone down for infinity tonight or maybe some Aristeia? Andy and I will be there.
  6. Who will be down there? I will be playing Nathan and I know Andy will be needing another game to practice for Rumble.
  7. Anyone going down for infinity tomorrow? I will be looking for a game. I know people might be a bit wiped after yesterday's tournament though.
  8. I suppose people will need the link to the event. Go there and register for the event. Submit your lists sometime before the event. https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/338f75282-the-cascadia-conflicts-march-2019
  9. Hey guys. I hope a bunch of you can make it out for this. Andy is running a tournament at Dark Tower in a couple of weeks. It should be a great time. Welcome to the second Cascadia Conflicts of 2019! This will be a 300 point 3 Round Event for Corvus Belli's near future sci-fi skirmish game, Infinity. Entry Cost will be $10, and we will have an ITS:X prize pack along with store credit for prizes. Missions will be: Supplies, Firefight, and Acquisition. Doors open at 10AM for setup and registration, and dice will roll at 11AM. Please make sure you bring printed copies of your lists, as well as courtesy lists for your opponents.
  10. Looking for a game of either Frostbyte or Unmasking to practice for the tournament this weekend. Who's coming down to play?
  11. Up in Vancouver at The Connection Games and Hobbies. Entry is $20 Canadian and games start at 11:30. No painting requirements but you do need lof markings. Scenarios Frostbyte, Unmasking, Annihilation. Andy and I are planning on going. We can probably fit another person or 2 in the car as well. Should be a great time.
  12. Who's going to be there? We should probably play missions from the upcoming Canadian tournament. How about Frostbyte?
  13. I for some reason had forgotten that Nile released a new album like 3 years ago despite them being in my top 10 favs. Just picked it up and it's crazy good. This track is so heavy that I dropped through the floor of my house and was pulped on my floor downstairs. My last breaths come bubbling up through my jellied carcass as I use my one surviving digit to type and share this with all of you. Now I must descend to the underworld where I hope to walk forth from flames unscathed.
  14. I will be down tomorrow evening. Anyone else looking for some infinity?
  15. There is a possibility. I think several people are showing up today for infinity.
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