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WTS: Dark Eldar Warhammer 40,000 army


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40,000 Dark Eldar Army for sale. Sadly no trades- gotta pay down my debts. :(  


$340 + shipping. Estimated shipping inside the USA is between $20-30. Tracking and insurance is a must. 


10 Vehicles

3 Bikes

64 Figures


Razorwing Jetfighter- Magnetized dark lances & Necrotoxin missiles x4.  (all other missiles still on sprue)

Ravager MIB

Ravenger- Magnetic mast, DL x3

Ravenger- Magnetic mast, DL x3

Raider- Dark Lance Primed Black

Raider- Dark Lance

Raider- Dark Lance Magnetized Sail

Raider- Dark Lance Magnetized Sail

Raider- Dark Lance Magnetized Sail Primed Black

Raider- Dark Lance Magnetized Sail Primed Black

3 Reavers Primed, 1 fusion or splinter partially painted (gun detached). Drivers are not.

2 Venoms Splinter cannon x2 each.


Haemonculus New MIB

Archon- Finecast. Assembled

Female Archon or Succubus Metal, plastic arms. Agonizer, blast pistol, Grenades

8 Incubi

2 Converted Incubi leaders or Archons.

10 Witches - Hydra blade, Razor flail. Leader with an agonizer.

10 Kabalite Warriors- Dark Lance, Blaster, Leader with a sword and pistol. Primed Black

10 Kabalite Trueborn- 4 Splinter Cannons, leader with blade. 1 primed black

4 blasters, 1 dark lance, 1 splinter cannon, 1 shredder

1 squad leader with splinter rifle

1 squad leader with pistol and blade

1 squad leader with blast pistol and agonzier (primed black partially painted)

11 Kabalite Warriors partially assembled or on sprue.


Dark Eldar Data Cards

Dark Eldar transfer sheet.


Lots of spare DE bits still on sprue. Warriors and vehicle parts. Extra special, heavy and wytch weapons. About 2 raider boxes full of bits still on sprues!


If you respond to me via PM please make note of that here so I don't miss it.






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