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Death Marshal Pine Box


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So far I gather that the Marshal can auto-box a friendly (friendly "defender" just relents the opposed duel), but I don't see any simple way to unbox after that. The Marshal can't relent his start-of-activation duel, as (AFAIK) the Marshal is the "acting" model and therefore not the defender, so can't relent.  Also he can't take the Pine Box action again (AFAIK) without a valid target.  And of course he can't Pine Box himself as it's an attack action (which would need to specify that he can target himself).  This leaves him with either Boxing another friendly or boxing an opponent's model, both of which require getting with 1" of the target model.


This may all be just stating the obvious but I wanted to make sure there isn't an easier way/trick I'm missing to get (e.g.) Papa Loco outta dat Box!

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I hate how I can't edit the post title... that misspelled "Marshal" is driving me nuts!  What is he, a guitar amp?! :)

You can edit it. Edit the first post, then hit the "full editor" and then you can edit the title.

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