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Factions and basing


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More of a basing question than anything. I'm getting those clear colored bases for my crew. Since I plan to run Leveticus of the outcasts, I got gold/yellow bases.


Now let's say I include a model from another faction (like via Pariah of Iron). Should I base it yellow, because it's an outcast while within Leveticus' crew.? Or should I adopt the color of the faction it's originally from? And more so, should I attempt a half & half split for models that may choose more than one faction?


Or am I just thinking too much and I should just make them all gold/yellow, since that is what I already have?

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I'd go with gold/yellow if that's all you plan to use it for. If you've got both maybe try doing a magnetized insert so you could swap out the colored base? ;)

The bit with Leveticus is that he can recruit quite a few models out of faction. All the non-gremlin constructs and undead. And that's in addition to the normal multi-faction outcast models and mercenaries. He's got a pretty long reach in terms of crew options (which is one of the main reasons I picked him).


So in example, I can recruit a Rail Worker via Pariah of Iron, because the Rail Worker is a construct. That said, his factions are Arcanists (Blue) and Ten Thunders (Orange). So he's Outcasts (via leveticus) too.


Now it isn't entirely impossible to just make a multi-colored base, as it really wouldn't be much trouble, but the main concern would be potential confusion generated from varied base colors across the crew. Magnets could work, but that is a pain I really don't enjoy - I only use magnets if it can't be avoided.


I could just be overthinking it. I do tend to do that. With only 10, or so, models per crew, the bases probably aren't going to matter like they can in 40k with 60+ models on the table.

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