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40k Armies for sale. 50% off or less.


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Hey all. In case you missed the Ordo Gamer Garage Sale, I had a metric ton of things I am trying to offload. I am selling most of my 40k collection and leaving myself with a core of 5 armies to tinker and play with. What does that mean? It means savings for you. Here is a list of all the armies I have for sale. Retail pricing is provided so you can see how much it would cost to buy it new. I am asking 50% off retail or a reasonable offer. Go ahead and ask. I am happy to barter. Some of it is painted, some of it isn't, some of it is on sprue, all of it is in good condition. There are good quality pictures of all of it. Feel free to email me at washingtongaryt (at) gmail (dot) com. I have a bunch of bits and all kinds of collectibles sitting around too. I will entertain trades in addition to cash should you need to lessen the financial blow with Warmachine Khador and Protectorate of Menoth forces.



Ultramarines Strike Force Ultra / Retail $575.00:

Captain with Thunderhammer and Storm Shield

Champion armed with Glaive, 1 Banner Bearer with Storm Bolter, 1 Assault Cannon & Powerfist, 1 Storm Bolter & Chainfist, 1 Storm Bolter & Powerfist

Venerable Dreadnought with Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer and Powerfist with Heavy Flamer

5 Terminators with Thunderhammers and Storm Shields and Forge World Ultramarine shoulder pads

5 Terminators with Lightning Claws

10 Terminators with 1 Sergeant, 2 Assault Cannons, 7 Storm Bolters

10 Terminators with 1 Sergeant, 2 Assault Cannons, 7 Storm Bolters

1 Storm Raven with a Twin Linked Assault Cannon and a Twin Linked Multi-Melta

1 Land Raider Crusader with pintle Multi-Melta, Forge World Doors, and Sgt. Chronus

Sabol Foam for infantry


Craftworld Saim Hann / Retail $850.00:

1 Autarch on a Jetbike (Converted to look like Nuadhu Fireheart)

1 Farseer in a Jetbike

4 Squads of 10 Jet bikes. 1 Warlock, 3 Shuriken Cannons, 6 Jetbikes

1 Crimson Hunter

1 Wraithknight with 2 D-Cannons

2 Fire Prisms

Sabol Foam


Craftworld Biel Tan / Retail $1325.00:

1 Forgeworld Avatar

1 Autarch with Fusion Gun

Maugan Ra



2 Farseers

2 Warlocks

10 Fire Dragons

10 Striking Scorpions

10 Striking Scorpions w/ Exarch

10 Howling Banshees

2 Squads of 10 Guardian Defenders with Grav Platform with Shuriken Cannon

30 Dire Avengers

30 Warp Spiders

10 Swooping Hawks

5 Shining Spears

5 Dark Reapers

5 Dark Reapers w/ Exarch

3 Warp Spider Exarchs

1 Dark Reaper Exarch

1 Fire Dragon Exarch

GW Hard Case


Ork Army / Retail $1007.00:

1 Grukk Face-Rippa

1 AoBR Warboss

1 Ghazkul Thrakka

1 Big Mek with KFF

1 Weird Boy

1 Boss Snikrot

1 Painboy

50 Grots with 2 Runt Herders

3 Squads of 30 Boyz. 1 Nob w/Powerklaw and Bosspole, 3 Rokkit Launchas, 26 Slugga Boyz

2 Squads of 32 Boyz. 1 Nob w/Powerklaw and Bosspole, 1 Nob with Big Choppa, 30 Shoota Boyz

3 Squads of 15 Lootas

Sabol Foam


Black Templars Space Marines / Retail $2,235.00:

High Marshal Helbrecht

Chaplain Grimaldus with 3 Cenobyte Servitors

1 Chaplain

1 Captain with Jump Pack and Twin Lightning Claws

1 Emperor’s Champion

1 Chapter Master/Captain in Terminator Armor with Thunderhammer and Storm Shield

1 Master of the Forge on a Bike

2 Stalkers

2 Rhinos

3 Razorbacks (2 Heavy Bolters, 1 Lascannon)

1 Land Raider Crusader

3 Converted Dreadnoughts with 2 Twin Linked Autocannons

6 Troop Drop Pods with Storm Bolters

1 Troop Drop Pod with Deathwind

1 Drop Pod with no harnesses and a Storm Bolter (Used for Dreadnoughts)

5 Terminators with Forge World Shoulder Pads and Shields (3 Swords and Shields, 2 Lightning Claws)

3 Centurion Devastators with Grav-Cannons and Grav Amps

16 Scouts with Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons

6 Scouts with Boltguns

1 Venerable Dreadnought with Assault Cannon and Powerfist

1 Contemptor Dreadnought with 2 Fists

1 Squad of 10 Sternguard Veterans (2 Heavy Flamers, 8 Bolters)

3 Attack Bikes with Multi-Meltas

2 Squads of 10 Assault Marines (1 Sergeant with Powerfist, 2 Flamers, 7 Marines)

1 Squad of 5 Crusader Marines (1 Sergeant with Combi-Melta, 4 Marines with Bolt Pistols and Chainswords)

2 Squads of 5 Crusader Marines (1 Sergeant with Combi-Melta, 1 Multi-Melta, 1 Meltagun, 2 Bolt Pistol and Chainswords)

2 Squads of 10 Crusader Marines (1 Sergeant, 1 Flamer, 8 Marines with Boltguns)

1 Squad of 10 Crusader Marines (1 Sergeant, 1 Meltagun, 8 Marines with Bolt Pistols and Chainswords)

1 Squad of 10 Crusader Marines (1 Sergeant with Combi-Melta, 9 Marines with Bolt Pistols and Chainswords)

Sabol Foam


Space Wolves / Retail – $800.00

1 Logan Grimnar on foot

1 Arjac Rockfist

1 Njal Stormcaller in Terminator Armor

1 Njal Stormcaller in Power Armor

1 Ragnar Blackmane

1 Ulric the Slayer

1 Krom Dragongaze

1 Games Day Wolf Priest

1 Rune Priest

1 2nd Edition Wolf Guard Battle Leader

1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Dual Wolf Claws

1 Full Sprue of Space Wolf Terminator Armor (5 Terminators)

9 Full Sprues of Space Wolf Power Armor (10 Marines Each)

Space Wolf Sprues to make 8 Complete Marines

1 Grey Hunter squad of 10. Leader, Standard Bearer, 2 Meltas, 6 Wolves with Bolters and Chainswords

1 Long Fang Squad of 6. 1 Leader, 5 Heavy Bolters

20 Old Warhammer Wolves

2 Boxes of Maxmini Wolf Pelts

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