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League night 10/16

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Bring as many Warscrolls as you want,ive got another Battleplan in mind,,this ones called "Pre-emptive strike".Its from the first source book.


Basically one player is the Trespasser and the other is the Sentinal.The Trespasser will start the game deployed in the center of the board in a 24" circle around a Realmgate(ill bring both of the ones I have) while the Sentinel will start with only 1-3 units on a board edge to start with then roll for each unit to come on each movement phase(3+ to enter and be placed anywere on any board edge).


IF one side has 1/3 or more models than the other then they must play the Sentinel side.


The command abilities are "Come forth to conquer" for the Trespasser which allows the player to summon a new unit to the battle if their general is within 6" of the realmgate,they can summon a new unit from their collection or one that has been slain during the battle.they summon on a 6+ adding 2 to the die roll if they are a wizard or priest.


Also wizards or priests from the trespassers army can attempt to summon reinforcements if they are within 6" of the realmgate.They summon on a 4+ and can choose either a new unit or one that has been destroyed earlier...this ability is in addition to the command ability.Note that a Wizard or Priest that is also you General and uses the command ability can only summon one unit per hero phase.


The Sentinel`s command ability is "Barge Through" allowing the player to pick either the General,a hero or a monster within 12" of the general that can ignore enemy models in the movement phase,the model can freely move within 3" of enemy models or even move through them as long as they don't end up on top of them.A die roll will be made for the model chosen at the end of the movement phase with a 1 causing a mortal wound in it.


This scenario uses variable game length by rolls starting at the end of turn 4 with the game ending on a 1 or 2.Fifth battleround it ends on a 1-3 and then ends after 6 turns.


The Realmgate can be charged and attacked,it has a save of 3+ and 8 wounds.


Victory conditions-Sentinal wins a major victory if the Realmgate is destroyed,or a minor victory if the game ends and they roll 2d6 with the total being lower than the number of wounds on the realmgate.Any other result is a Trespasser major victory.


I should be there around 6:00


Game on!

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