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List Posting - YOU CAN DO IT!


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Next list for you all to enjoy. Thoughts are welcome. Questions. Concerns. Hateful glares? I AM the lightening rod afterall!


Total Points: 1000



Ethereal [50] - 50


Commander 'Arcfist' Lite [85] - 162

+Fusion Blaster [15]

+Cyclic Ion Blaster [15]

+Neuroweb System Jammer [2]

+Onager Gauntlet [5]

+Puretide Engram Neurochip [15]

+XV9-02 Iridium 'Crisis' Suit [25]



Breach Team [45] - 90

+Breachers (5) [45]

Devilfish [80] - 95

+Disruption Pod [15]


Kroot Carnivore Squad [60] - 60



XV95 Ghostkeel [130] - 150

+Stimulant Injector [15]

+Vectored Retro-thrusters [5]


XV104 Riptide [180] - 190

+Ion Accelerator [5]

+Early Warning Override [5]


XV9 Crisis Team [22] - 52

+Fusion Blasters (2) [30]


Fast Attack

Tetra [35] - 35


Heavy Support

Skyray Missile Defense Gunship [115] - 116

+Blacksun Filter [1]


You all will come to know my personal crisis commander Shas'O 'Arcfist' with time. This is his lite version due to point constraints. For now he'll be running with the crisis suit as a two-man MC and and vehicle wrecking crew, though in a pinch he can join up with the Breach Team to accomplish similar tasks.


A couple of you have been on the recieving end of the Breach Team already but for those of you who haven't they are the latest release for Tau through White Dwarf, a close range heavy fire element. The field-testing of them so far has been fairly successful though it is highly subject to change as I'm presently (and admittedly) fudging the rules a little bit with them. Their unit entry states a specific type of devilfish they may take and as things are right now there only exists one devilfish. So doin the best I can and I will be very interested to see what this 'TY7 Devilfish' brings to the table for them.


The Ghostkeel is an interesting model and I haven't had much opportunity yet to see what it's capable of. The only game I put it on the table it ended up in assault after turn 1, but I can see a lot of potential as a mid-range skirmisher and target of opportunity seeker. Basically the role the stealth suits fill too, but I have a feeling I'm going to like the ghostkeel more at 30-50 points cheaper (with current book) with 6-shot autocannon or an AP 4 battlecanon, really strong cover saves, mobility, and some OK melee ability with 3 AP2 swings.


The skyray and tetra are a staple, and work as well as always, and a Riptide is a Riptide. For those of you that don't know what a Riptide is...YOU GONNA LEARN TODAY.

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