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School League Rules

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These have been out for a while and I think they are playing,or have already played an event at Warhammer World using them.


Its designed for fun fast play(about an hour) and should work well to get a couple of games in during a session.


Reading through the thread it seems that its pretty well received.


Post up if you want to give them a go:)

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Jeff and I tried this last night and it played out very well.


He had his Stormcast starter set so I used the Khorne starter set models I brought.


The martial power count made the Stormcast the underdog but not enough for "Fate Favours the Brave" to go into effect.


The Laurels of Victory table roll was "Cut off the Heads" so were were going after each others leadership.This made us work toward complete destruction of warscrolls to get to that leader instead of just reducing their numbers then moving on to other targets.


The Stormcast carried the day with a 4-2 win.The Khorne managed to take down a unit of Liberators and a unit of Retributors but their Mighty Lord lost out in a duel with the Lord Celestant.


A great game all around:)

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