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Trading a High Elf Army

Edosaurus Rex

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Hey all,



I have a massive High Elf collection that has simply been collecting dust in boxes for some time. I play a lot of 40k, but I have mostly just lost interest in Fantasy. I'd be happy to trade the army for just about any 40k army, or I'd sell it. As of now it isn't exactly organized but if anyone is interested I will happily inventory my collection and post an exact model count. For now, here is a rough idea of what I have:


Prince/Archmage on dragon



Several Princes/Nobles on foot and mounted

Several Archmages/Mages on foot

50+ Spearman

40+ Archers

10+ Silver Helms

30+ Swordmasters

20+ Phoenix Guard

5+ Dragon knight guys (I forget the name)

8+ Ellyrian Reaves

2 or 3 Tiranoc Chariots

6 or 7 Bolt Throwers



There are almost certainly some units that I am forgetting entirely or underestimating how many models I have for that unit. Most of the models are the older ones (metal characters and elite units, multi-part plastic troops as opposed to the starter set ones, etc) but some are the newest kits.


Anyway, if you are interested please post here or PM me! I want to keep part of the army for an Age of Sigmar force but I'd like to part with the majority of it. So let me know what you would want to trade (or if you'd rather buy it) and I'll give an exact inventory!

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