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Space Marines! Space Marines! Come get your Space Marines!


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hey guys, as some of you know I am trying to down size my model collection and I wanted to start with my space marine army. I thought I would throw it up here to see if anyone in the club is interested in them.


31 marines.

3 melta.

5 lascannon.

4 heavy bolter.

3 plasma.

Forge world venerable dreadnought with assault cannon.

6 jump pack infantry including sergeant with power fist and plasma pistol. (converted)

5 terminators- one equipped with heavy flamer and one with plasma sword.

4 sergeant marines. (Converted)

3 sergeants with power fist. (Converted)

All of the space marines that come in Assault on Black reach box set still on sprue.

One space marine captain with power sword and plasma pistol. (converted)

One space marine captain with power sword, plasma pistol, and jump pack. (Converted)


here are some pics. the Assault on Black Reach stuff is not included in the pictures since its still on the sprue.






Im looking for $140 for the entire lot. I dont want to sell anything separately.


thanks guys. 

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