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AoS event Idea

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There was some talk last month about a possible event in the near future either at GG or WoW but ive yet to see any other mention so I figured I would post up about one I have in mind:)


Being since there is a fair amount of players of AoS that are still using just the models from the starter set,I think the first thing to keep in mind is to make any event at this point be friendly to smaller armies.This is were the School League rules from Warhammer World come in.


The rules are posted in my other Title thread.



With each scenario calling for a maximum of 30 models and a sideboard of up to 15 I think this is a great small scale format for new players to jump in on and also gives enough space for those with more established collections to still field a fun and interesting army.

The games only last 4 rounds as well so that should be just fine for a 3-4 round event being completed in a one day session.


There is no points composition for this system as it uses a victory point system to balance things out.No need to have players deal with a comp system and sticks with the original intent of the games design.


Now even though we wouldn't be using a formal comp system,I do think a few things would need to be addressed.

First off no army can have more than one each of named units/models,as in cant have multiple Skarbrands,or Glottkins,lol.


Summoning options would consist of only being able to summon from the 15 models placed in reserve at game start(the sideboard).Of course killed units that can be summoned would be allowed to return through summoning as well.


I would probably change the final way each rounds final Laurels of Victory are achieved because I want to add more balancing composition in the form of penalties.

The base league rule set awards 5 additional Laurals of Victory for tableing your opponent within the 4 turn limit,then doesn't specify any additional LoV`s for either winning by having more than your opponent at games end or,in the case of a tie awarding any for a minor victory that would go to the underdog.

So I would amend this portion as follows:

Players accumulate LoV through regular game play,keeping a tally as they play through the event rounds.


When a round ends,if a player tables their opponent they gain an addional 3 LoV.If they win a major victory(Gaining more LoV`s than their opponent in that event round) then they gain 2 LoV.Then if its a tie in LoV count for that event round,the underdog would gain an additional 1 LoV.



Now for some composition penalties...this part I would very much like to do some testing on first but this is what im thinking as a good starting point.


For each event round in which a player fields more than 2 Monster or Monster/Hero keyword models,they loose 2 LoV per model used.This includes bringing in through summoning or resummoming models to bring their total used above 2 models.


For each event round in which a player fields more than 3 Hero or 2 Warmachine keyword models,they loose 1 LoV per model used.This includes bringing in through summoning or resummoning models to bring their total used above the totals allowed.


Totally open to any other ideas players have so lets hear it!

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That looks pretty solid to me!


I'm not a fan of a hard model cap but I think it's the best way to handle something like this without using a comp system. Obviously 30 Chaos Knights will be better that 30 Skaven Clanrats though both meet the 30 model requirement. The hard model cap encourages players to take more powerful models - which I think is fine.

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