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D-Charges, CC, and Burst


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I was looking through the rules and have a question about a rare scenario. 

Lets say you have 2 models engaged with one enemy in CC, one of your models being equipped with D-charges.  The D-charges are treated as a close combat weapon in B2B, make a CC roll, and are classified as a CC attack with burst 1.  In the previously mentioned situaiton, does this mean that:

A - You are still limited to a max of burst 1.

B - The extra model in B2B increase the burst to 2, just as they would with any other CC attack.


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it states its a CC attack so i would assume it benefits from all CC type scenerios.  so id go with option B... and i dont see any FAQ about it so that seems like the most logical answer i presume?  shooting in CC doesnt though so idk.  good question!  it is disposable though and you have to use another order/aro to detonate.  so a little tricky to use

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