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Azyr composition

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Keep meaning to post the recent statistics that have come out about this popular AoS compostion system as GamerGeek reminded me a few weeks back,heh.


This is from Auticus over at Bols,him and his club are developing the comp system.


" We had our 550th playtest game submitted so I thought I'd show the overall win percentages of each force so far.


Vampire Counts: 62.35%

Stormcast: 61.48%

Ogres: 58.63%

Tomb Kings: 56.99%

Skaven: 55.53%

High Elves: 54.14%

Empire: 53.90%

Dark Elves: 52.16%

Lizardmen: 50.42%

Daemons: 50.37%

Warriors of Chaos: 48.01%

Dwarves: 47.69%

Orcs and Goblins: 47.15%

Wood Elves: 45.82%

Beastmen: 45.65%

Bloodbound: 43.02%

Bretonnia: 39.49%


This is taken from the development discussion thread here http://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/showthread.php?57174-Age-of-Sigmar-Azyr-Composition-Rules-1-0b


As we can see its actually rather balanced out with a 40-60% range and im sure this doesn't take into account lists that can have an alliance of factions from one of the four main realms.


Heres the link to the comp system,,very well done I think:)



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