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Warhammer World "War at Lifes end" event

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Great write up from a recent AOS event held at WHW!



Some good stuff to take away from this too,


First off the old much heated argument about if summoned models counted as casualties suffered seems to have been solved here because that's how it was played at this event,this being GW HQ and a tournament in their hall should be all the confirmation anyone needs.So yes,just as the rules are written summoned models are casualties that your army has suffered when they are summoned,thus if you want to summon your army onto the field and swarm you opponent then you need to bring a fookton of models to summon( or several monsters) as you will likely need to table your opponent in order to win.


Being GW they didn't use a comp system,however they did have time limits on rounds so players had to judge as they deployed how effective their army would be against their opponents within the time constraints


They used 2 scenarios from the Battletombs "Breakthrough and The Hidden Threat" and the final round was the brb rules scenario.This all seemed to work well as we know the last scenario they played straight from the brb against an opposing team that requested using smaller model count then proceded to plop down both Skarbrand AND Nagash...Matt and James still won though:).Now even though Matt did note that these guys were new to the game,it just goes to show that you still need to have some skill and experience at the game and you just cant throw down OP`d gack and expect to walk away with wins.


They didn't say how many showed up but did note that it was better organized than the last(first) AoS event has seemed more full.This is interesting,first of all it was a team event so that would eliminate solo players,secondly it was a fluff event were each team needed to field at least one chaos army or one order army.Those two factors would likely cut down on the available pool of players though I have read were AoS is actually doing rather well in England.

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Yah, quite a few of the Europeans have taken to AoS. Even a few of the big, named tournament guys have come over. Namely Heelan of Herlan Hammer and Ben Currey of Bad Dice! It's nice to see. I'm starting to see people come around here also. It's not doom n gloom like it was back in July!

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