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LF AoS Game this Sunday, 22 Nov at WOW


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We had a great game last night. My Death Rattle Tomb Kings tried to break through the lines of a combined Stormcast Eternals and Bretonnia force. It was a hard fought battle with major losses on both sides but in the end the Tomb Kings lacked the bodies to push through to victory. Thanks for the game. We should do this more often.

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Indeed,that was a fun fight!


Though I think we had an edge to start with being since we had a rather static army build with the Bretonnians ranged forces being able to sit back and all.I think it would have been a much different story if we had to be the invader,hehe.


Not sure why that scenario forces the winner of the roll off to decide Invader/defender play Invader...seems like they should get to choose.


Either way im now a fan of that form of comp you listed above.100 wounds gives plenty of room to bring a formation and some cool stuff added in.1-3 Hero`s keeps hero spamming to a minimum and the 10 warscroll cap is about perfect:)

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