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Last Nights Game


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So I took my 16 year old son through his first game of Age of Sigmar. The battle took place in the realm of Aqshy (fire). My Ogor (ogres) tribe was rampaging through the ruins of a city in search of glutton and wanton avarice. The mighty Seraphon (Lizardmen) descended from the heavens to stop the nefarious plans of the Ogors.

We had great fun but the battle went a little slow as it was a learning game. We took armies that were organized as follows: 80 wound army max, 25 wound scroll cap, 1-3 Heros, 0-3 Warmachines, 0-3 Monsters. I thought my Ogors were going to pound the Seraphon but the game was extremely tight. At the end of the game, the Ogors were down to a heavily wounded Tyrant and one wounded Irongut. While the Seraphon still had a unit of Skinks, one Bastilladon, and one Salamander. I conceded at that point as the Tyrant was going to eat a solar beam in the face next turn.

My Ogor will have their revenge and mutton!

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Im finding more and more with all the games I play,that are just based on even wound count that they usually end up pretty close.Add in using a published Battleplan and I would venture to say the game is pretty much balanced:)

Im really starting to see that there truly isint a need for a points system,,more just something along the lines of the Monster/Hero restrictions.


As far as Ogor`s go..my 13 year old just put together the battlebox ive had for several months and proceeded to pound his older brothers newly assembled Stormcast,lol.Thing is,now he wants a Stonehorn for Christmas...going straight for the cheese /rolleyes

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