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H: Deathwing Army W: $$$


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I have a Deathwing army that is currently gathering dust. It consists of:

2x Forgeworld Contemptor Dreadnaught
-2x Kheres Assault Cannon each

32x Terminators
-4x Cyclone Missile Launcher
-2x Assault Cannon
-6x Chainfist
-7x Storm Bolter/Power Weapon
-13x Storm Bolter/Powerfist
-1x Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield

The Terminators (with the exception of the TH/SS) are out of the DV set. The entire army is fully painted and based, to a tabletop+ standard. Pictures available upon request.
I am located in Vancouver, WA, and can make trips into Portland and surrounding areas if necessary!

Sabol sized foam to transport the entire army is included!

I am looking for cold hard cash - $300 OBO. Thanks for your time
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