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30k force planning questions

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Alright read through the books a little bit, distracted as I was.


Obtained battle scribe files, and have been playing with a list...


Question on the vexilla. It allows rerolls of morale, does this cover combat break tests?


Did some reading apparently this was designed under 6 th, I see that we are planning to use 7 th and wanted to know if those points are worth me spending... My warriors will be immune to shooting morale. That could be three more Bolter boys...

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So it would work for break tests? I have some big squads. Rapid fire then disorderly charges are a thing for me, any thing I can do to prevent sweeps of I lose by one or two will be a thing.


My preator becomes stubborn as well so a ten point reroll for a squad feels like a good idea. Just couldn't remember if break from combat was morale or not for the reroll.

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