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Question on SW Deathpack and Wolfen


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I am not sure about the interaction of IC with the run and charge moves these units have.


I am looking at this from the ITC rule’s for playing tournaments. I am not clear on how it works. I have read the BRB and I am not real clear on it.


I play Tyranids mainly so I don’t have a lot of experience with IC.


The death pack gets the run and charge rule from the lord every turn. It is one of two rules he can give the unit if he is within 12 inches.


The wolfen have the run and charge rule innately as part of their rules for the unit.


My question is “If an IC joins either unit does the unit lose the run and charge as the IC doesn’t have the rule?”


My view /understanding.


The deathpack unit would as the Lord gives it too the unit at the start of the phase.


The Wolfen would lose it as the IC doesn’t have the bounding leep rule allowing it to run and charge.


I have been told it is the opposite though with the ITC, so I am now  not sure.


Please help and Thanks

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No one really knows. GW has been incredibly unclear on how a lot of Rules interact with ICs. (or more generally, how a Unit has its Faction or other characteristics defined when Joined by ICs that are different.) There's no general principle, just some specific Rules (mostly in the BRB) that explain how that particular effect transfers or doesn't, and a ton of others that don't.

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One other question. The wolves Libby formation ‘can't remember the name at the moment’.

If you take say the new powers that just came out you still get the formation power as well right?


Also would it mess up the spell focus or not?

The spell focus only works on Tempestus.

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