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Dnd 3.5 Group

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I found a really awesome group of RPG gamers in Missoula Montana and we started playing dnd. So this is whats happens so far. We are slowly going through a tomb following a band of grave robbers.

We have a priest who had made up his own god and a wizard with a charisma of 6.


Part 1

Findur’s hand idley scratched at a rent in the chainmail that covered his legs, minutes ago the skeleton of a minotaur had been brought to life before him and its horn had broken off in his thigh before his axe had given it its second death. Thank Moradin that Julien had been here.for where there had been a gaping hole in his thigh was now smooth skin. He was still skeptical of the fiery scar covered priest and his god Laamas, of whom he had never heard head nor tail of before.

There the priest was now, aided by Thadeous and the new fellow Filik in restoring the dead again remains of the soldiers to their desecrated tombs.He still didn’t know what to think of the Dragonborn, why was he this far in the catacombs of the Moseleum? Had he been with the grave robbers? He seemed too noble of a creature fro that. Findur would have to watch him. While on the other side of the room Walter, like the typical sell-sword human he was looted the body of the slain priest. Findur wondered if the man saw a nobility in desecrating the body of the man who had desecrated the tomb. He was only going to be a worry if the gold wasn’t flowing.

What worried Findur was not the spirits from the desecrated tombs but what lay in front of him now. Whoever had been with the priest had demolished the door here, crushing a beautiful mural to pieces. But instead of a hall there was a ragged cut tunnel straight down. A rope dangled off into nothingness that even Findur’s darkvision couldn't see the end of. Who would create such an ugly tunnel leading to nowhere behind such a beautiful door? Thought Findur, as he dropped a chunk of door depicting the face of a brave warrior into the gloom.

It was a long climb to find themselfs in an enormous cavern. Gone were the straight cut walls covered in murals and grandiose statues and flickering torch light, replaced by darkness that Findur’s vision could only barely make out the natural cavern walls at the end. The party was isolated on a pillar of stone, surrounded by a fall of farther than their best vision. Ahead and down stretched a knotted rope, connecting their pillar to another just ahead. Everyone’s thoughts were absorbed by the immensity and for a long while only the fluttering of the torch kept the silence away.

“There is evil here, I sense it.” rumbled Filik.

The very dark seemed to shy away from as he stood as straight as his halberd staring out into the darkness. Flames danced off of his cold white scales andthe cruel spikes which adorned his armor.

“Well I don’t see a damn thing, can we just get moving? Walter said, His hand hovering over his quiver.

Filik stood above, watching as each member pulled themselves across the gap hand by hand. Only to scan the darkness one more time before taking his own turn to cross. “Laamas, does this cavern even have an end” Julien cried as they found themselfs on an identical pillar to the last, with rope stretching out to the next pillar and darkness dropping around. So once again did they began the process of bridging the gap. First Walter, cursing and grumbling that there had better be treasure at the end of this. Then Julien, with a prayer first. Thadeous didnt even bother with the rope, leaping through the heavens to land in a roll and on his feet. After which Findur began the laborious task of trying to pull his bulk across. It is painful to watch an armored dwarf attempted anything dexterous, and as he slowly achieved half way did FIlik cry out. Findur craned his neck, and the party below strained to see through the darkness past their torchlight to see the pillar.

Two eyeballs connected by strands of muscle tumbled through the air, beams of light stabbing through the air at Filik. One blazed past him slicing the air past FIndur and the other broke against Filik’s chest, and as Filik fell to his knees with glazed eyes so did Findur’s grip slip and cursing he fell to the cavern floor.

Jumping to action, Walter and Artarious filled the air with magic and arrows to stop what being which blazed light from its eyes. Yet with alien agility did the monster twist umlolested through the air to entangle itself around the neck of the fallin FIlik, its eyes once again blazing at Julien who scars wept blood as the ray struck him. Yet below, in a pool of water Findur groaned his hands quickly checking for broken bones as he pulled himself to his feet, scanning the cavern floor to aid his embattled companions above. Julien didnt claim to know Filik well but lept to his aid none the less, his wounds were inconsequential for Laamas would heal him, but that creature must die. Pulling an eyeball from around Filik’s neck, Julien heaved his axe through the air slicing the rope like sinews. The beast fell limp, and air rushed into the heaving dragonborn’s chest.

“Thank you.” Heaved Filik, massaging his throat.

“No, Thank Laamas.”

“Hello? Is everything alright?” Cried Findur from below, “I’ve found the end of the cavern.”

“Are we far?” Thadeous yelled down?

“Not far at all, in fact you are just a pillar away, but you should see what lays on the  cavern floor”

It was an enormous corpse, its exposed flesh long decayed, the rest bloated and waterlogged. Artarious declared it a beholder such as was depicted in the room far above and long ago but that what had felled the beast he had not a clue. “ So are we moving on?” Artarious said, quickly over the discovery as the rest of the party stared in bewilderment at the corpse.

“I cannot help but feel relieved, I did not relish fighting such a beast as I had expected we would when we passed through the Beholder room above.” Thadious said.

“Bah, you wouldn't be scared if you used a real weapon.” Findur growled.

Natural cavern walls gave way to rough curved walls. Above the ceiling of the hall rose up into a high ceiling far above. There was something just off about this room, and everyone could feel it as everyone subconsciously held their weapons tighter. The rune covered walls themselves made Findur’s skin crawl.  Each wall was perfectly rough, as if intentionally cut to look natural by some deranged mason.

“This place teems with magic” Artarious said.

“I already dont like it” Walter said “Rich walls mean rich tombs, this...this means blood spilled over no reward.”

“Magic can be valuable, very valuable, hmm” Said Artarious, moving very close to Walter so that the brim of his hat smacked Walter’s chin when he looked up to stare into Walter’s eyes as he talked.

“I dont imagine we have much choice in where to go.” Filik said.

Artarious licked his lips and blinked slowly at Walter, waiting for him to speak.

“Yeah, Uhh lets push on.” Walter said, avoiding eye contact and pushing Artarious aside to step to the front of the group and lead off into the room.

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Part 2

It had been a mistake. Everything in the room was a lie. They had encountered a split in the passageway at first,and Walter had suggested we split up. Filik, Walter and Thadeus had gone one way, Artarious, Findur and Julien the other.

    Walter’s party had quickly hit a passageway to nowhere, yet when they turned back and back tracked. It was not the same place. The passageways had changed and although they couldn't even hear their compatriots over the walls. Then they came.

    From the very walls stepped a massive spider through glowing runes, leaping to try and sink its fangs into Julien’s juicy flesh. Through years of training ingrained into muscle memory saved Julien’s life as his shield raised to block the bite but he was still pinned to the ground as the bulk of the spider settled on him. The dire spider hissed in anger as Findur’s axe clove a leg from its body and green blood splattered the wall. While below Julien drove his heart axe into its underbelly and heaved with his shield pushing it from him to be blown apart by Artarious’s magic.

    Some distance away, Walter, Filik and Thadeus found themselves beset by rabid wolverines. “This one is mine, such an afont to nature has no place” Thadeus said. His fists were a blur as he stepped into one, flipping over its claws to snap blows into its side and spine. Filik used his halberds reach to spear one in the side, however to Walters concern it merely pulled itself down the shaft of the blade to reach Walter and rend its claws into his calf and side. Walter drove his rapier into the thrashing beast’s hide and  Filik drove a thick armor spike into it as he strained with the Halberd to push it away from the two of them. Yet even as Thadeous broke the spine of his wolverine, did the other drive its claws through Filik’s mail before succumbing to its wounds as Walter and Filik turned the beast into chunks.

    Time became irrelevant, as hours slipped by, the parties separated and wandering the twisting labyrinth of passageways. The attacks came randomly and always with the same crazed abandoned. Everyone was covered in a layer of gore and their own wounds. Walter limped as the wound on his leg festered, Filik’s stomach was held in by tight bandaged and even the indomitable Findur was slowed. Artarious had had to resort to wielding his quarterstaff as he had run out of spells. Yet suddenly around a corner there the other party was. They could hardly recognize the other such was the state of exhaustion they all were in. Julien no longer had the strength to heal and so they all gave into their exhaustion. Content to let the world go on while they regained their strength.

    Walter awoke to the sound of water. Had he heard it when they all had collapsed? He couldn’t remember. Rousing the others he drew his rapier in one hand and his bow in the other he crept around the corner. The entire room had collapsed here to erosion, he could see the remains of the halls in the center of this mini-cavern like islands. I was about a 10 feet drop to the new floor of the cavern and 80 percent of that was covered in deep dark water which lapped quietly.

    “Do you think I could jump this?” Thadeous asked the group,

    “Would be quite the feat.” Filik said.

    “Take care, we dont know what could be lurking in the water.” Julien added

    “Aye we would want to have to rescue like we did Julien ha” Findur.

    “The we shall go around. There, there is a small stretch of beach, if we can call it that.” Thadeous said.

    As the party moved to slowly descend down to the floor, Filik looked around.

    “Hey, has anyone seen your wizard?”

    “Screw that creepy bastard, if he wander off it’s his own fault.” Walter said.

    The party slowly edged around the pool, careful not to touch the water. The dark water just lapped against the stone very gently.

    “Bet there is treasure under there” Walter said.

    “[big bad swear word]” Thadeus said.

    In the split second they had, everyone witnessed the ground below Thadeus light up in intricate runes, almost imperceptible from the rest of the stone if it had not been brightly glowing. The the world was rushing water. The pond rose up in an instant, swallowing the entire party in swift waters which ripped Findur’s axe from him and swept away walter’s bow. Yet as quickly as it rose suddenly the water was falling again, sweeping everyone to the east and depositing them drenched in the water of the pond. Only Thadeus managed to grab a hold of a pillar as he was swept by and was hauling himself up to get a view of the pond.

    The pond was still again.

    Findur as heavy as he as war carried the shortest distance and was pulling himself out of the water, curses falling like the water he was squeezing out of his beard.

    Then the water moved again.

    Julien screamed.

    The water was alive with a swarm of leeches, sickly green with wicked claws for fixing themselves to their victim they descended on Filik. While a swollen monster of a leech fixed itself to Julien’s side. There was blood in the water now.

    “Walter, throw me your rope” Thadeus cried moving across the pillar.

    As Walter fumbled with his rope while treading water, Thadeus saw a sparkle  in the bottom of the pool, a weak red light. Yet so did a rune under his feet light up and the world spun again.

    Everyone was in the pond, and the leeches were descending on them all but Findur. For he alone had been swept to the other side of the room and was wasting no time pulling himself from the pool.

Julien bitterly struggled as he was drug under the water by several leeches at once, Filik dove under to try and drag him up towards water.

    Walter felt a giant leech bite into his calf as he pulled himself out of the water and began trying to pull the giant thing off with his rapier.

    Thadeus dove under, through the cold water to the bottom. Where resting between two rocks sat a glowing red orb. He drove his fist into it. No effect. So swatting leeches away, he grabbed it with both hands and pushed off from the bottom.

    Walter was shaking with fury as he stabbed a leech to oblivion, while Julien gasped for breath. Filik ripped the leech from Julien’s flesh and threw it back into the pond.

    Thadeus surfaced and stepped onto shore carrying the orb.

    “I...found...this, under the water.”

    “Heh, is it magical?” Walter asked, “Valuable”

    “Would that we had Artarious” Julien said, “I cannot tell.”

    “Well...I mean, I’ll keep it safe” Walter said, “hurriedly taking it to put in his backpack”

    It was then that they all saw the situation they were in. Findur was across the pond, while Filik, Julien, Thadeus and Walter were stranded in a small island around the corner from where the beginning of what was a hallway was.

    “I think we could swing out and around and climb up out of here if we could attach a rope to anything up there.” Thadeus said.

    “None of us can get over there without being mobbed by leeches.” Walter said, eyeing the water.

    “Findur could, he could climb up that other side and walk around.” Filik said.

    “Hey Findur!” Julien shouted “You wanna do us a favor”

    It must have taken at least 30 of the most swearing and shouting filled minutes anyone had heard but Findur finally peaked around the corner, His armor was off and he was covered in sweat, bruises and cuts.

    “How was the climb?” Walter asked.

    “Toss me the damn rope already.” Findur growled.

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Part 3

    It did well for the tempers of the party when the walls of the hall changed from the strange angles of the labyrinth to smooth, black carved stone.

    The room which it opened into was strange beyond compare, with the walls opening up into a square and then angling back into another hallway, a strange pentagon where the center of the room was dominated by a column of stone that served no purpose but to hold the ceiling up. In fact there was surprisingly nothing in this room at all.

    Except for a gaping hole behind the column, blocked from view from the hallways was a sprung pit trap. Lo and behold at the bottom, was the very unfortunate lass who had discovered it.

    “A damsel in distress? Seems like my lucky day” Walter said, preparing a dashing smile. “Who wants to lower me in?”

    “We want her saved, not seduced lover boy. Keep it in your pants.” Findur said.

    “Laamas has gifted me with the ability to heal, so I shall decend and asses her wounds.” Julien said.

    “Sending a priest first? That worked great last time.” Walter said “Might as well send my mother down to ask these grave robbers to please stop.”

    “Please, let us stop bickering and see who this person is, and plus I do know how to work the rope the best.” Thadeus said “Nor am I weighed down by unnecessary artifacts.”

    “Looks like her wounds are only from the fall.” Julien said, as Thadeus laid her down gently on the floor. “I shall bring her from unconsciousness.”

    As Julien prayed, slowly the bruises across her skin disappeared, and with a gasp she awoke. Her eyes blinking to adjust to the torch light and the sudden appearance of 5 strange fellows standing over her.

    “W...who..are you?” She stammered.

    “I think we will ask the questions here, who are you?” FIndur said.

    “I...am..my name is Leera.”

    “How did you get here Leera?” Julien asked gently.

    “I was hired help for a group that was exploring this tomb.”

    “Was a priest of Hextor with you?” Filik asked his eyes aflame with anger.

    “Krootad? Yes, yes he was. He stayed behind tho. I overheard Xeron telling him to leave a surprise behind.”

    “Xeron?” Thadeus asked.

    “Oh yes he was leading this expedition, he was a man with hard eyes and purpose behind each step. I think he was some kind of arcanist. But I dont know much about that. I mean if Tyrin hadn’t gotten us such good pay I would have left after meeting him but he seemed to keep the rest of the band together.”

    “I am glad you are okay.” Artrious said slipping his hand into hers.

    “Holy [big bad swear word], where did you come from?” Walter said as everyone jumped in surprise.

    “We should get back to talking to her, she has nice calves.” Artarious said matter of factly.

    “Umm....” Leera said, pulling her hand from his grip. Her eyes darting from person to person.Filik pulled Artarious back from the girl to give her some space. Keeping a hand on his shoulder.

    “You mentioned the rest of the band? Who else was with you?” Thadeus said

    “Well Xeron kept some pets with him that he left behind, an eyeless hound covered in crawling wounds and some slippering thing with clawed tentacles.”

    “Aye, I remember those beasts well.” Findur said.
    “Then there was Krootad, Tyrin, a human who got me this job, and a were-rat human who gave me the creeps and then some varags. Savage and hairy goblinoids. But we left a few of those behind and the traps and guardians of this tomb got some of them.”

    “Well, she is an enemy. We can't afford to have her under guard the whole way there and we certainly can't lose the time to take her back the way we came.” Walter said. “What do we do.”

    “Please dont hurt me. I..I...I heard there was a way out ahead, I heard Xeron mention a waterfall.I just wanna get out. I am done with this job.” Leera pleaded

    “Hush now, no one will lay a hand on you.” Julien said.

    “You may follow us, we shall escort you to the waterfall.” Filik said.

    “Might as well use you while we got you. Can you fight woman?” Walter said “I could lend you a bow or a rapier. Pick one. You get one.”

    “Well I can use a rapier…” Leera said.

    “Youd better give it back….” Walter mumbled under his breath as he drew one from the sheath tied to his backpack. A blade stolen from Leeras former compatriots.

    It was a mess that your nose told you of before your eyes. The smell of blood assaulted them as they rounded the corner to the next room and the reason was quickly apparent. Two bodies lay half strewn around the room, their organs spilling out and blood pooled around where their bodies lay. In the center of the room there was a smashed stone table, what looks to have been a puzzle completely destroyed. To the north there was the one and only door, or where a door used to be. It now lay in ruins in a pile of rubble.

    Two statues, one to the east and one the north, were the room's only other occupants, however their chests were unusual. For their breastplates appeared more like cabinet covers and they were smudged with blood.

    “[big bad swear word], what happened here?” Walter asked, stepping into the room warily staying close to the southern wall.

    As he stepped into the room the floor collapsed under him and Walter threw himself back as the floor opened up to a pit similar to that Leera had fallen victim to.    

    “Ha they won’t get us again like that.” Filik said “Watch”

Stepping into the room carefully, Filik lifted the first body and threw it forward. It splattered on the floor. Nothing happened. Slowly the party moved into the room, filing past the pit and in the wake of the body that Filik was throwing.

    “Wait, why do these statues have compartments in them?” Thadeus said, stepping towards a statue.

    As if summoned, they exploded open first billowed out a plume of floating smoke from each, which upon further inspection were actually floating metal men, billowing smoke. Choking both Thadeus and Filik and stinking their eyes. From the north bounded a hound made of metal, its snout and fangs stained red with dried blood. From the east tumbled what appeared a smallish man made of gears and cogs, yet its arms and legs ended in sharp blades.

    Cartwheeling through the party the smaller construct rolled between Findur and FIlik, its blades flashing red as it beelined at Artarious who was fumbling to pull forth spell components in time. The hound charged in low, avoiding Thadeus’s blind jabs to slam the monk into the wall only then sinking his teeth into Thadeus’s side as he fell against the wall.

    Filik roared in rage and pain and punched out into the smoke, sparks flying as he drove an armor spike straight through a floating smoke machine. Walter rushed over to aid Thadeus but he found his way blocked by the creature of smoke, a quick flash of his rapier was enough to   fell the creature but not in enough time to stop the hound as it tore flesh from Thadeus bicept as he tried to defend himself.Artarious spat a spell towards the whirling dervish of blades and a splash of acid ate metal from its hide as it dodge a wide sweep of Findur’s axe.

    Julien sensing the threads of Thadeus’s life fraying cried out “Laamas, bless our blades against these creatures devoid of love” as he barreled his way past the whirling dervish using his shield to deflect the flying blades away.

    If the elemental creatures which were enslaved to create these creations could feel glee, this one certainly did. For having bypassed such powerful warriors as Filik and Findur with its speed it now had Artarious backed up against the wall of the hall.


It leaped.

Yet wizards don’t survive in the thick of battle without contingency plans. Artarious began the quick incantations. As the last syllables left his throat so did he feel the world shift.

He stumbled back, past Findur who took up a position of protection. He had been a second too late. The beast had speared him in the chest moments before he had teleported.

Now the beast barrelled back towards him, its blades wet with his blood. It twirled and leaped past the waiting Findur. Its agility making a mockery of the stoic fighting prowess of the dwarf.

With a crash of metal it landed, not on the dwarven wizard but instead on the end of a halberd. Filik smacked the end of the beast against the wall, crushing what remained of the skewered construct against the walls.

Empowered by what Julien would say was Laamas and Walter would deny as anything but his own prowess, Walter drove the hound off Thadeus as Julien pulled him back to administer to his grievous wounds.

Angered by its companion, Artarious ended any more bloodshed with a blast of magic, melting the hound where it stood with an arrow which ate away to its metal heart.

“This tomb has begun to try my patience.” Thadeus said, coughing blood as Julien began to administer to his wounds.

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Part 4

    Leera identified the bodies. One was a hobgoblin whom she shed no tears over but the other was Tyrin.

    “ I don’t know why he thought I’d want to be a part of a band of thugs.,” she says, “but even he deserved better than this.” Walter scoffed, “Well it is quite a shame but he is dead, I don't think he will be needing any of these” as he removed some coins from the bodies purse, and pilfered through his baggage.


    The passageway that the grave robbers had broken into led down steeply. Yet at the bottom,there was a pile of masonry about 4 feet high hastily piled blocking the path. Yet the sound of roaring water was clearly audible, the very air damp and misty.

    “I believe that It would be easy to climb over, we would not need to disturb the loose stones at all. “ Thadeus said.

    “Oh yeah, let me just climb over a wall high then myself, great idea.” Findur said.

    “We could always remove them.” Julien said “Would be an easy task and hardly an exercise.”

    Grunting in amusement Filik looked back at the group as they tried to quietly discuss the method of crossing this obstacle and turned to the obstacle and threw his body at it and exploded out the otherside, rubble flying into the room.

    “You wanna talk about it more?” Filik asked.

    This room opened up into into what must have been a for three warriors, for adoring the right wall sat three sarcophagi, and staggered in the center of the room stood the statues of three warriors, their eyes staring at Filik and the hall way. Yet the room must have seen better days for a giant crack split the floor where the thugs must have gotten the masonry to barricade the entrance. Yet spread around the statues was a covering of hay, as if someone had been concerned about the dampness of the room.

    “I do not see anyone here.” Filik said stepping into the room, “You have all been jumping at ghosts.”

    Warily the group stepped into the room, Walter with an arrow nocked, Thadeus moved like a cat, silently slinking to the side of the room to try and peek around the corner.

    “They must have…” Started Filik, interrupted as an arrow cut through the air and found its mark in his wide chest. Two others clattered off the wall as they missed their mark.

    “Ambush” Walter cried bounding upon a sarcophagus as he loosed an arrow of his own, grazing one of the hairy goblinoids. “Three varags in number.”

    Striding into the room, Julien calmly stepped between arrows and rose his heart bladed axe above his head. “Laamas will blind their eyes as surely as love will blind you before the fall” Julien cried, his eyes aflame with power as a mist cascaded down his body from his raised axe. The papyrus prayers adorned to his armor fluttered as a wind from nowhere billowed the wind out to fill the room.

    “Come to me Fidnur, we shall bring forth a charge worth of the gods from this fog.” Thadeus cried in dwarfen.

    A dwarven warcry was quickly cut short as quickly as it began, ending not in an axe biting into varag flesh but in the clatter of armor. “Damn your god priest, cant see the damn floor beneath my feet.” Cursed Findur as he found himself half fallen in he fissure.

    High upon a sarcophagus, Water loosed an arrow into the fog, listening as he used to in the dark forest for a cry of pain. Then shifted farther along the wall.

    Filik raised his halberd, what use was a bow anyways when you couldn't see. Stepping between the statues in fog, and stepping on caltrops in the hay. Pain shot through his feet as he collapsed to one knee. Yet not a sound escaped his lips, a dragonborn does not show such pain.

“Let your heart guide you.” Julien preached “It always knows the truth”  Stepping past the kneeling FIlik and the sprawling Findur to walk to the edge of the mist. “Are you prepared to learn of love?” He called to the creatures he knew stood just before him, black pits of hatred in his vision.

“Hahaha” cackled Aratrious, teleporting from the mist as he threw a bolt of acid from his hands. “I see you!” As his acid flew to ruin the ugly side of an ugly face, so too did arrows fly out to greet the suddenly visible target. With a gurgle and a soft thud, his gloating ended.

Hoping Findur would be shortly behind, Thadeus darted from behind a statue and face to face with a varag. Normally one to lead with a voice of peace, this time Thadeus choose to let his fist loose first into the knee of the varag. He was in turn rewarded to the sound of bone crushed to dust pitching the varag forward into a waiting headbutt.

“There’d better be some for me.” roared Findur rushing through the fog past Julien and barreling out into a varag. ag. The heavily armored dwarf easily knocking the leather armored humanoid. Although Findur had the weight advantage the varag was fending off the swings of the battleaxe with his symitar.

“Stupid magic, ruining a perfectly good fight.” Walter cursed under his breath. He could hear the clash of battle over the roar of the waterfall but he could hardly see past his hand in the blasted fog. Yet he crept as only a hunter could through the fog slowly, silently.


A shadowy form shambled its way through the fog, one of its legs dragging limp and its head was down, casting left and right. It must be trying to sniff out where he was. Walter slowly notched an arrow, held his breath and drew back. “Got you.” He said, letting loose and hearing a roar of pain.

Filik roared in pain, an arrow nearly knocking him over as it punctured his armor and lodged itself in his shoulder. Which way had that come from? He could hear the sounds of battle but they echoed around him. Were they more. “Come in and get me. I am Filik, Dragonborn, and I shall feast on your flesh!” Filik cried out in challenge to the fog, taking  the best stance he could with a caltrop in his foot. He would not go down without a fight.

With Thadeus grappling one and Findur burying the other in blows, Julien emerged from the fog. Fingers of mist trailing from his armor as he raised his axe in salute to the final varag, a silent challenge while he settled into a fighting stance and began to recite the matras of Laamas.

Roaring it charged, its symitar flashing through the air in an overhead strike intended to end it with one single blow. Yet training in the forest of silence is not easily forgotten. Nor is years campaigning and Julien easily side stepped the beast,lashing out with his axe to draw a line of blood from its side. Turning his blade back in a backswing the varag swept under the priest's guard to slash his thigh. Yet even through the pain his litany of love continued.

Thadeus was practically toying with his opponent, dodging away from each blow and darting a fist in behind every symitar swing. Finally intent on finish him, Thadeus swept his leg out dropping the varag to the floor. Stomping his foot down, crushing its windpipe while it lay there.

Findur fared even better, letting the varag slice his arm so that Findur could plant his axe into the creature's chest. Venting his rage with blow after blow until its chest was a ragged mess. Only finishing when he had beheaded the goblinoid for good measure.

Julien and the final varag traded blows back and forth. Julien’s prayer rising and falling with each blow. His voice was steady and strong, and despite his wounds he stood straight. Thadeus could have swore that Julien appeared to tower feet above the varag. The creature was visibly tiring,bleeding profusely from a multitude of wounds. It finally ended when it stepped back to avoid a horizontal cut at his chest and tripped over rubble. Falling to its back, Julien stepped over it, planting foot on its chest. “Laamas loves your sacrifice.” Julien said, ending both a life and his prayers.

“Well there is no use in the fog anymore Brother Julien.” Thadeus said.

“Aye and it didnt really help in the first place.” Findur mumbled under his breath, massaging future bruises from his fall.

Julien nodded and waved his axe and the mist dissipated into the walls. Revealing Walter crouched at the other side of the room, an arrow notched. Filik was resting against a statue, an arrow protruding from his shoulder and both feet bleeding from caltrops. While Artarious laid in a pool of his own blood pincushioned with arrows.

“I thought they stopped shooting arrows when the fog went up.” Leera said, emerging from the hallway.

“I thought you said you could fight.” Walter said, scowling at the rouge.

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