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  1. I was told that it's in poor taste to call myself a bully, I apologies to everyone, and change it in the hopes of reconciliation.
  2. These actions here are VERY close to how hackers operate: A person taking advantage of a change or weakness in a system to gain unauthorized access to resources. Now I understand that Kevin is a likeable guy, and I fully agree that the telling of this tale incomplete but from what has been given here, that's theft. And why everyone involved has that 'gross' feeling is because while hoping for a high road this was done in a [big bad swear word]ty shady way that really doesn't leave a lot of room for explanations. I notice that Corey continues to hide behind Kevin. ***Edit: I'm REALLY curious Kevin, what did Jason and Shea think of this pro move?
  3. Let's talk about integrity on this Memorial Day Monday. We've all played against or heard about a game against a guy that rolled dice behind terrain, so the result couldn't be seen and they magically got the results they needed on a crucial roll. Once this behavior is confirmed people stop playing games with this person because they lack integrity. Integrity is import in gaming because without a certain level of trust a pleasant game turns into a torturous affair of babysitting your rules, their rules and their rolls, not a good time, from lack of integrity. Without integrity you can't game, without integrity you don't have a community. Let us say you donated money or [TIME AND EFFORT TO RUN AN EVENT] to a fund for something at a later date. And that guy with no integrity decides; hey, that money is just sitting there, I have access, I asked a question but didn't get a response.... So let me ask you "How much integrity is there in just taking something because you didn't like the answer?" and my second question is "Why are you trying to hide theft behind something as insipid as 'club participation'?" maybe the silence was the answer. But this is the behavior of the guy with no integrity, the guy you have to watch when you play him. However you justify your actions theft is theft. I know the mechanics of how that money was raised, and I welcome anyone to argue with me that the effort required came solely from YOUR OFCC team. The explanation of: There is money, the club went a way I didn't like and I didn't get a response for my question all sound very weak and childish, when you consider that you stole that money from the people who worked for it and put it there. I expected Kacey to be the morally defunct [big bad swear word]wit that would convince himself he unilateral discretion on those funds, but I'm not surprised Corey. What REALLY amuses me is how surprised people are that Kevin is involved, LOL
  4. Channel Zero on Sy Fy 8/10 Horror in the vein of AHS I binged the first two seasons and the third is now playing on Sy Fy
  5. These were kicking around the on Trudvang FB page as Trud models, but I think they look more like Saga minis
  6. something Koyote said about partnering with Nathaniel sparked a memory... Nathaniel is an aggressive and dominant personality, he doesn't brook competition well, he's already changed his stock twice that I know of to counter competition. So if you are set to be in Bellingham, I strongly agree with Koyote
  7. how about partially full bottles of hard A?
  8. You may want to consider something out county Don. There is a quasi-successful game store in Lynden and I don't feel that it is ran very well. Ferndale is a growing community and has no gaming store that I am aware of, but your primary customer becomes high schoolers.
  9. gotta give my love to the 3rd party models
  10. This is an amazing opportunity to get into some amazing post apoc car combat Just make sure you build your lists for economy as well.......I might have focused a bit too much on theme, that said I had a great time crashing all types of dirt bikes into stuff and I big big recommendation for pipe terrain that the bikes can ride thru, made for some very entertaining game Sherbert has put in a lot of quality work on the rules as well, the game is super fun, STOCK UP ON D4s and an angle template
  11. Comrade Detective on Amazon Prime 4/5 It's a television show from Romia filmed during the late 80's that got dubbed in english but with all the communist propaganda still in the show. It's awesome on so many levels.
  12. The engine to my Troy bilt system died the death. I have the: weed eater and brush trimmer attachment Free if anyone wants them.
  13. Does he, in fact, shred? http://nerdist.com/kenny-gs-son-has-a-heavy-metal-band-that-absolutely-shreds/
  14. ok, for the next dimension of movement trays...magnetizing When I want to texture a large piece of terrain I'll often just put the sand and pebbles into a thick paint and use that as the base coat, two birds... Has anyone tried using steel iron shavings like this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/242125491/steel-iron-shavings-filings-cuttings?&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_b-craft_supplies_and_tools-other&utm_custom1=1d0073f1-bf3e-4030-9783-132fa3c90268&gclid=CPDDpeOH69ICFVBhfgodmyUPBg mixed with thick paint, like maybe latex, and painted that as a base coat of the movement tray to get a ferrus layer down for magnets?
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