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Any Recommendations for Historical Ancients rules around PDX/Couv?


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Does anyone have experience with ancients rules that can be used for 25mm/28mm miniatures, specifically Republican Romans vs. Carthaginians of Hannibal's campaigns, the Second Punic War?


Does anyone have and already play 25mm Romans in Historical tabletop battles?


My requirements are simple:

- There are players in the Greater Portland/'Couv area that play Ancient Historical battles.

- The rule sets are easily obtainable.

- The army lists are printed/published and generally agreed upon.

- BTW, if 15mm is the only scale played, then I can adapt to that for now.

- Might later adapt the 15mm rules to 25/28mm, and revisit the larger scale army


If there is such a group in OR/WA, then who is the point of contact for that group?


I will also pose this question on "The Miniatures Page", and the NHMGS news group, so please only answer in one place.



I live in the Portland, Oregon area.

I have about 600 painted 25mm figures for the Armies of the First and Second Punic War, all Carthaginians, but no Romans.

I am hoping to build up the partner Republican Roman Army next year, (2017) and begin playing Ancients again.

The last time that my Carthaginians were on the table, my group used WRG (Wargames Research Group) rules:

"Wargames Rules 3000 BC to 1485 AD, 6th Edition"

Since then, many other rules sets have risen and fallen in popularity.

However, before I plan my budget and source my figures, it would be good to know what people are playing - rules, period(s), scale and basing.


If I do go forward with the Romans, with so much invested, I would eventually be interested in a campaign.

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I have around 100 unpainted 25mm Gauls.  Gabe has a similar number of unpainted Caesar's War in Gaul Romans.  We are planning to use the Hail Caesar rules.  I believe Gabe is planning to base his guys 4 figs to a 40x40mm base.  I'll probably base mine individually and use movement trays.  Units would be either 12 or 16 figs each.


This may be a less grand scale that you are wanting? But various aspects of a Carthaginian army would fit in the Gallic war period (Numidian light horse, Spanish/Iberian infantry and cavalry, Balearic slingers).

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Thx for the input.

Have DBA 3.0, not read, but seems to have a following and newsgroup support.

Hail Caesar is also on my list of rule sets to buy and look over.

And Jesse tipped me off to Slitherine's sale, so Field of Glory 2.0 is also being considered.

In 15mm or 20mm, I will prob plan for matched armies, and test  drive 2 or 3 rule sets.

In 25mm, I can prob cobble together a list from what I already have.

I will stand up a blog (in 2 months, or so), and post my progress on this project briefly in Ordo and more detailed in the blog.

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