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Reporting from Warhammer Fest


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The Horus Heresy:

- There will be more basic units in plastic.
- The 2nd HH game won't be an expansion for BaC afaik. It's it's own thing. It's about HH, and has Marines in it. Not more, not less.
- There will be a new red book for the Legiones Astartes (Age of Darkness army list), this will bring our 30k Marines more in line with the current rules. They first were written for 5th/6th in mind, so stay tuned for some fine tuning (hehe).
- Crusade Imperialis Army List will dropp soon. (Knights, Solar Auxilia, Cults)
- More legion specific upgrade packs incoming - phoenix spears, death guard scythes, ultramarine breacher upgrades and night lords chainglaves are already finished. Also more terminator shoulder pads.
- Transfer sheets for Black Shields, Sons of Horus, Death Guard, Space Wolves and Thousand Sons are done.

- Inferno is still scheduled for fall. Space Wolves, Thousand Sons, Legio Cybernetica and Legio Custodes are the focus. No full army list for Sisters of Silence yet (but they are still in afaik).
- The Space Wolves weren't alone at Prospero. Inferno will also include Legio Mortis and (a company of) Sons of Horus. It's a full campaign now, including the raid on a 1k sons alligned Forge World. These are the "agents" Alan spoke about at last events.
- More Mechanicum robots inc. The "pre-blight drone" is finished. Vultarax-Stratos Automata.
- They will do a Furibundus class Dreadnought. Probably a destroyer dreadnought. Sounds pretty cool!
- Russ will be the next primarch. His wolves will probably released seperatly (but they will get models!). After him is Magnus, than Dorn and Alpharius.
- Space Wolves will get some special units to reflect their way of war, and state at the outbreak of the heresy.
- Space Wolves seem to use tactical symbols, but they are done in knot-work-style.

- The new Knight got upscaled, a lot. I compared the pics with my own Warhound/Knight, and the new Knight looks more beefy than my Lucius pattern Warhound!
- There will be Mechanicum Knight head upgrades for your Cerastus Knights.
- First two Secutarii units are done.
- They want to do more Titans, but probably nothing bigger than the Warlord. They are working on a titan sized between Warhound and Reaver atm. They want to do both Nightgaunt and Nemesis titans.

Warhammer 40k:

- They (FW) will do something for "Death in the Skies". Not sure yet if it will be a full book, or just a FAQ. They have other projects to get done first ...
- Next Imperial Armour is "Fires of Cyraxus". Imperium vs Tau. Scheduled for Summer.
- Tau attack a minor Forge World. They don't know about the stuff underground ...
- Adeptus Mechanicus deploy to defend. So do the whole chapter of the Red Scorpions and the Legio Gryphonicus. And House Coldshroud!
- Looks like Angels Revenant are in too.
- Carab Culln got more or less eaten by Tyranids. He is a Leviathan Dreadnought now. No High Lord elacted yet, but the Captain of the 8th Company, Casan Sabius is de-facto leader and will probably get the position.
- 30k stuff is in. The robots were locked away 10k years. They are not nice. They are grumpy. They will be unleashed. Oh ... and Ordinatus Minoris too.
- The Tau plan to use the planet as testing zone for their new suits and other stuff. New Barracuda variant, two new weapon loadouts for the Tau'nar.
- No numbers for Imperial Armour books anymore. It's just confusing ...
The Repressor will get re-done. Some issues with the mould, but he will come back.
- Mark IV dreadnoughts got kicked out 'cause they didn't sell anymore. Contemptors stole their sales.

- There were whispers about a "shake up" for 40k later this year, not as quite as AoS had thought.
- Simon Egan said he probably won't do the Daemon Primarchs. "There is more interesting stuff you can do with them in plastic". Too bad we don't know a major campaign/story arc where the Daemon Primarchs come back alongside the whole power of chaos .... :P
- They can do bigger plastic kits now. #TeamMarsPatternWarhound

Black Library:
- More Horus Heresy books incoming this year. Guess we will see one a month.
- The Either by Graham McNeil focuses on Tybalt Marr.
- Echoes of Imperium is another anthology, focusing on short story stuff for the Imperium Secundus.
- Leman Russ is confirmed as second Primarchs book.
- Praetorian of Dorn, by John French. This focuses on the Alpha Legion striking at the Imperium from within the Sol System. Dorn is in Absentia from the walls of Terra. Alpharius vs Dorn!
- Corax by Gav Thorpe. "With an ending so sad that it made Laurie almost cry." It is focused around Corax's actions after Soulforge.
- There will be another Garro book, basically all the audio dramas together with extra bits.

Specialist Games:

- Blood Bowl. The first 2 teams are finished. First six teams will be Humans, Orks, Dwarfs, Elfs, Skaven and Nurgle.
- First expansion will have 7 new teams, Star Players and League Rules.
- They may do 3D pits.

- Adeptus Titanicus. 2nd SG. Set during the HH, Titans vs Titans. 8mm. Infantry, tanks, fliers will come later via expansions. Xenos too.
- The Warlord is finished.

- Necromunda and Mordheim confirmed. Keep in mind there is alot of stuff to do, they can't release all at once.

- They admit they have done errors with the AoS launch. They want to improve, and listen to feedback.
- They are really motivated and already have new story arcs for the next 4-5 years.
- Sylvaneth will get their battletome. Alarielle's beetle looks soooo cute.
- Summer will focuse on the Realm of Life.
- Sylvaneth, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Aelfs, Skaven, ... there is so much cool stuff to come!

- Forgeworld will support AoS, 40k and 30k. New Fimir character done.
- The Khorne dragon is done, will get a lord as rider. Rivals Smaug!!
- They want to give Chaos Dwarfs and Fimir a new spin and place in AoS.
- More AoS Character series stuff one the way!

- Warhammer Quest is supposed to get future support, even more if it sells well.
- From what I heard, people really really enjoyed the game there. Awesome!


- The first bunch of releases is set around the third Hobbit Movie. Dwarfs with Dain on pig are already finished.
- They will re-release older stuff alongside new stuff.
- New awesome plastic buildings are done. You also can use them "for Mordheim or AoS".
- They have no rights for the Silmarillion (sadly. yet?).
- It may be rebranded to "Middle Earth SBG" later on, but for now, it will still be branded as Hobbit, but include both LotR and Hobbit ranges!
- They are pretty enthusiastic. They got four years to prove they can do this.
- All the movie stuff will get done. Can't wait for the Nâzghul!

That's all I remember at the moment - the future is bright :)

Lady Atia

PS: You can see alot of pictures either here, or:

For 30k/40k stuff, over at Battle Bunnies:

Boardgame stuff at Boardgamebunnies!

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