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Witcher 3


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It is an extremely good game.  The graphics are superb and the combat is challenging, but very rewarding.  The game really forces you to use everything in your arsenal.  The enemies are varied and terrifying.  The RPG elements are good, but could definitely be deeper. The story is amazing though and the amount of choices you have and how much they affect the game is staggering.  Not doing something very simple near the beginning of the game can result in an entire village being razed later on.  It is most rewarding played at the higher difficulty levels, but expect a long game if you go that route.


I do have to warn that it is a gory, graphic, and quite frankly quite disturbing game at times.  If nudity, gore, and sensitive topics are something you choose to avoid than I cannot suggest the game.  Otherwise it is an amazing game that is definitely worth playing.

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