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  1. I hear you. My current main army is Orks. My play group is super casual, play-for-fun. Even with that, I don't see a game where Space Marines don't just shoot my Speed Freeks completely off the board. My other main army? T'au, whose 8th Ed playstyle I'm completely not interested in. Hopefully the Xenos codexes deliver. If they don't, I guess 9e will just be my Imperial Fists.... effectively 30k played with 40k rules.
  2. I think increasing the damage capacity of units and the damage dealt by weapons is another attempt at widening the design space. Can't imagine they'll ever move away from d6 based system, and they need to find breathing room somehow.
  3. The modern build-equivalent of the original metal hurricane bolters. Godspeed, sir.
  4. Yeah, absolutely. Thanks to the admin team for keeping things running smoothly and looking great!
  5. For the first half of 8e I played T'au, then switched over to Evil Suns Orks. Heading into 9e, I'm planning on playing my new Primaris Imperial Fists as my main army though I could end up adding in some minimarines from my 3/4e force. I've also got an AdMech army on the backburner, where it'll probably stay for a long while.
  6. I've experimented with smoker boxes, and they've been... fine. Good even. But really, they just end up making me want a Trager even more. If only there was some way to prevent all my spare cash going to Warhammer. Le sigh.
  7. Definitely gotta buy a smoker.
  8. First model out of my Indomitus box finished. Great detail and lots of fun to paint -- I can't wait to see the upcoming multi-pose models!
  9. So, you know that GW is a business that sells models right?
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