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  1. He says CA Cement, but he clearly means plastic cement. CA will just give you an interesting rock in the bottom of your bottle.
  2. Hmmmm, I wonder if my wife would believe it's for making beef jerky? 🤔
  3. Yup, those are mine -- thanks for the kind words. Bases are still a work in progress, but are getting better as I get more familiar with the materials. Regarding airbrushing, there are lots of great tutorials and guides out there. If you want to chat about 'em, let me know-- I'm happy to shoot the [big bad swear word] about it. Regarding the gloss coat, yes. It makes the panel liner flow better, and also makes cleanup much easier. Decals go on better as well, though there aren't any on these particular models.
  4. I've been doing something very similar. I do the basecoat and layers using an airbrush (something I really encourage, but YMMV). Here's the recipe: VMC Black basecoat VMC Basalt Grey midtone VMA Medium Grey edge highlight Gloss coat Tamiya Black Panel Liner pinwash Matte coat
  5. Great stuff. Thanks for posting it 👍
  6. Flash Gitz are an amazingly fun kit to build 👍 👍
  7. A change of pace. I'm going to paint my friend's Space Wolves army for him, and am very excited about the new project. Getting started with the Imperium's Best Doggos:
  8. The first five E2B Assault Intercessors from the Indomitus box.
  9. murr A sound of happiness/contentment used by furries. A made-up 'animal noise' word along the same lines as yiff that probably came from the word 'purr.' Gotta say, not the response I was expecting.
  10. I completely understand. The CA19 deckbuilding rules helped a LOT, but even then there were times when the Card Gods decided to crap all over you and it was very frustrating. But as a player who seldom plays the same list twice the current tournament-style mission focus feels pretty same-y. Fortunately, this problem is easily fixed... I can't think of much reason why the CA18 and CA19 Eternal War and Maelstrom missions wouldn't work in 9e if one tires of the current ones.
  11. I just hope we eventually get old-school Eternal War and Maelstrom missions back for 9e. I haven't played a single 9e game yet but I'm already bored as [big bad swear word] of the current ITC/Nova-style ones just by watching batreps on Youtube. We have Vanilla Ice Cream, French Vanilla Ice Cream, and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream... which would you prefer?
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