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  1. One of the Youtube hobby duders (Tabletop Minions maybe? Or maybe Goobertown Hobbies...) did a test of a few of the popular methods (Simple Green, Castrol Superclean, etc.) and found they pretty much work the same. I'm too lazy to find the link ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I use Castrol SuperClean and it works fine for me. I've used Simple Green, and it worked fine too. I used brake fluid long ago, and it worked fine too -- though the jury is still out on whether I got a tumor from it.
  2. Goonhammer has been knocking it out of the park lately, for example they just recently posted a really good article on painting flesh.
  3. My favorite part is in the new airbrushing videos, where Caleb W. (the presenter) awkwardly tries to pour GW's 'Air' paint out of the goofy bottle and into the airbrush cup without coating the desktop.
  4. There's a Vietnamese place across the street, Pho Ton torpedo.
  5. I might try playing one of the many long "epic music mixes" on Youtube next game...
  6. I imagine they'd feel like the old hexgrid Chessex battlemap used to have. Hmm.
  7. Interesting. Those are vinyl. I wonder how they feel... I like the sponginess of the neoprene ones.
  8. I've bought pre-painted terrain from gamemat.eu, and I'm very happy with that so I'd expect their mat quality to be good too. IIRC, they make two-sided mats as well, which might be a nice feature. Shipping would suck.
  9. I have a couple of FLG mats that I really like, but that's no help I guess. When I was shopping for 'em, I almost went with F.A.T. mats so that's where I'd start.
  10. If it weren't for Kasdan I doubt we'd be having this conversation.
  11. Judging by what I've read online, that's not a bad thing. Every time I hear what Lucas had in mind for the final trilogy (The Whills, Midiclorians, Fantastic Voyage-style adventures in a miniaturized Force realm) I count my lucky stars we ended up where we did.
  12. They just closed the FFG Interactive studio, which was their in-house group and who had only produced the LotR LCG digital edition. There's nothing stopping them licensing out their IP, or working directly with other studios to produce stuff under their own banner like they did with Battlelore.
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