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  1. Yeah, my complaints are purely thematic. Didn't even consider the relative strengths of the writing, storyline, etc.
  2. The Boys Season 2 -- They removed most of the humor present in the first season and replaced it with nastiness. I made it roughly half-way through the season before pulling the ripcord.
  3. Finished the unit. Not finding white to be much fun to paint. Gonna try a unit of Allarus Terminators. If they're just as tedious, gonna backburner this project.
  4. Congratulations!
  5. Brushes are a very personal thing. Use what feels right and works for you, there's no universal answer. Some people find high-end sable brushes to be a waste of money. I love them; I have a W&N Series 7 #1 round that I've been using almost daily for going on two years... seems like a pretty good investment to me, a lot cheaper than synthetics (which for me last maybe a month before the tip hooks) in the long run. I use W&N Series 7 for layering and edge highlighting, but for glazing I use the Raphael 8404. I have a Da Vinci that's great for fine details. For metallics and was
  6. I use The Masters brush cleaner for regular cleaning. For brushes that have been victimized by washes and metallics, I'll first give them some time with W&N Brush Cleaner and Restorer then some TLC with The Masters soap. I rinse a brush out in water, then circle it around the Masters soap a few times. I swirl it a bit on the back of my hand, then rinse it out with water. I then give it a quick swab across the Masters again and give it a twirl to restore the point. The Masters works as a leave-in conditioner as well as a soap... so helps preserve the tip. Just give the bristles a quick
  7. Yeah, kind'a feels like this thread is winding down. I still like it though, will be fun to look back on when covid is a distant memory. Anyways, here's the test model for my Solar Watch Custodes.
  8. I've had many aquariums over the years, fresh and salt. Love them all. Loved planning them. Loved getting them set up and cycled. Loved adding to them and watching them grow. And loved tearing them down and reclaiming my freedom. I'm aquariumless right now, but doubt that'll last forever. Salt is a major commitment, reef tanks in particular. They're not as *hard* as people say, but they are expensive and absolutely require consistency and attention to detail. There's no skipping maintenance day if you want a healthy tank. And god forbid you have a heatwave you aren't ready for, or <ga
  9. Last Primaris model in my backlog is completed. Lockdown army doooone.
  10. I think it's pretty cool and look forward to playing with my son ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Putting the pedal to the metal on the IF. Just want them done at this point.
  12. Yeah, that's absolutely the brave approach. I just wimped out and went for ActionFigure++. Wish I had another one to go all-in on, but they're selling for ~$100 at this point and that's a solid nope.
  13. Indomitus Captain done. Only three more models to go until my lockdown army is done.
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