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  1. I wish it was limited to Primaris; I've got the same problem with my Ork Buggies. Each has at least 3 different weapon profiles, and certain ones get bonuses to hit certain types of targets or profile changes depending on range, or certain re-rolls, etc. My old-man brain is too brittle to keep track of it all. At least my T'au have a predictable weapon/stat progression 🙄
  2. I read this novel, quite enjoyed it. Didn't know it was a show as well.
  3. Very cool, what stl are you using for the CIBs?
  4. I enjoy watching scale-modeling/weathering how-to videos on Youtube and was thinking it'd be fun to do an IG model or two using those techniques. It's great to see that you've done that with GSC. Really amazing work. I can't imagine the patience you have to do that with an entire army, though!
  5. That's.... perfect. Thanks!
  6. Do you buy them locally, or order via the 'net?
  7. I sprayed the Gloss Vallejo (2:1 varnish to flow improver) and it went on very easily, and came out very glossy. It sure smells a lot better than the Testors lacquer rattlecan I have been using. I think I'm a fan. @fingolfen what do you like about the MIG varnish? I've heard good things about their weathering stuff...
  8. I'm bringing home my team's Ultimaker 2 for a few weeks. Can anyone suggest a couple of fun, simple 40k-style terrain projects I can cut my teeth on?
  9. Any shop that carries models or hobby stuff should -- not sure where you are, but Michael's does. If you're on the west side, I'm sure Tammy's does. Hobbytown in Happy Valley does. I think Dice Age has some in stock.
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