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  1. andy

    40K 9th ed

    I'm looking forward to trying it. If I follow my usual pattern with things like this I'll be super gung-ho for about 3 games then get tired of all the paperwork and drop back to normal games. But it'll be a most excellent three games.
  2. Finally managed to get back to painting some proper IF Aggressors. Damned PS4.
  3. andy

    40K 9th ed

    For those who suspect the recent [big bad swear word]storm of leaks was GW guerrilla marketing: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/667861432?t=00h10m31s Spoiler: It wasn't
  4. andy

    40K 9th ed

    Rumor has it this is the Space Marine version of the new faction-specific terrain kits GW is introducing a la Age of Sigmar. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I tried it and it was, for me, a disaster. I spent far more time cleaning up after damage from glue, scratches during assembly etc. than I saved. I've found that subassemblies work better for me. For example, on Tor Garadon, I assembled the model but left the cloak, head and Gravity gun off to paint separately. This allowed easy access to paint the whole model, but with relatively few assembly issues... I just had a couple of places where highlights didn't line up and stuff like that, and they were easy to fix.
  6. Great work. Inspirational as always 👍 👍
  7. andy

    40K 9th ed

    I can't wait to use that Strat. Haven't had a game since Saga of the Beast released. Stoooopid coronavirus.
  8. I think there's other stuff too... for example Red and Green are opposite one another on the color wheel, however Red and Green are also Christmas.
  9. Probably past its sell-by date...
  10. That plague sprayer is... well... foul.
  11. Primaris Repulsor finally done. My Primaris Pile o' Shame is gooooooone 💪 At least, until new stuff shows up on Wednesday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. andy

    40K 9th ed

  13. andy

    40K 9th ed

    Time to find my box of trees.
  14. andy

    40K 9th ed

    BLAST weapons are called out as not being able to be used within 1", so it seems unlikely flamers will be BLAST... at least according to the Goonhammer article I'm reading.
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