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H: well painted skaven army W: cash, cash/trade (UPDATED 10/6/16)


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Hi folks, for sale or trade is a well painted skaven army for AOS or Warhammer fantasy. Pictures are below and I can provide more pictures upon request. I’ve provided conservative estimates on the number of models, but can be more specific to interested parties. I am not looking to break up the lot, although I would be willing to separate the painted from the unpainted models. I’m willing to entertain cash offers as I don’t know the value these days, but please no lowball offers. For trade, I am looking only for well painted 40k armies. Specifically, I most interested in: tau ( lots of suits or far sight enclave preferred), dark eldar, new harlequins, and possibly necrons, tyranids, or admech if the paint jobs are stellar.
Painted models:
- screaming Bell
- 2 plague mortars
- 2 warp fire throwers
- 2 warp seer engineers
- 2 chieftains
- doom wheel ( part painted and unfinished)
- 3 storm fiends
- grey seer on foot
- 1 rat ogre
- 4 warp stone unit fillers
- around 200 clan rats or slaves
Unpainted models: ( all are primered black )
- vermin lord ( repair work at ankle to reattach)
-  bone ripper ( Horn missing)
- 2 warp lightning cannons
- 2 weapon crews
- both thanquol books
- tons of bits


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