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The Rest of 2016 - FoW Tanksgiving Tournament


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Call me impatient, but it takes a while to organize these things.


See this thread for the latest details:



Any volunteers to Run this?

Preferred location?

Which day preferred: 12, or 19  or 26 NOV

Period (suggestions):

Ideas/Theme to make it more interesting?

     e.g., Every army needs a warrior, or

            custom mod your commander to be a Movie/Cartoon/Graphic Novel Military Personality/Character

            -- there must be better ideas out there...


Any contributions you could make to help out: Terrain, prizes (no "White Elephants", please).

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I'm good for EW, MW, or LW...  


Don't know if I could get behind all armies must have a warrior or or movie commander - as it would really limit choices...


I could definitely get behind people bringing one cinematographic OBJECTIVE... and maybe having a special additional award for the best objective.

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