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40k Teams Paid List

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The following individuals have paid for spots in the upcoming 2016 40k Teams OFCC. Each team is listed alphabetically. If you have any questions, corrections, or comments about the list, please PM them to me.


Updated 7/25



Currently Undecided   Fully Paid
Jason Peterson
Deffrollaz    Fully Paid
Matt Stephens
Josef McCoy
Don Sartain
Rory Corpuz
Dice Hard 2: Dice Harder    Fully Paid
Pete Lovejoy
Saul Kirkman
Charles Kimball
Nathan Fluger
DMB: Cunning Stunts    Fully Paid
James Marriott
Tim Doyle
Will Anderson
Evan Guthmiller
DMB: PBR    Fully Paid
Doug Stoker
Jayson Allen
Giovanni Cancio
Alex Wendel
DMB: Riders of Brohan  Fully Paid
Fernando Villanea +1
Alex Crag
Anthony Peterson
Get Off My LAN  Fully Paid
Troy Lanning
Mark Kahler
Logan Thomas
Richard Henry
Glow in the Dark     Fully Paid
Carl Walther
Eric Becker
Dave Philipps
Josh Dashnaw
Imperial Fist Bumps    Fully Paid
Karl Payne
Justin Whitton
Daniel Miller 
Jesse Skoubo
Kill!Maim!Beer!     Fully Paid
Greg Skewis
Michael Matt
Anthony Partridge
Ed Skewis
Null     Fully Paid
Todd Smith
Matthew DeMartin
Kyle Yoder
Oseas Aduna
S.U.P.S.    Fully Paid
Kristopher Lyman
Ronnie Shumate
Tim Medford
Tyler Zunker 
Team Bacon   Fully Paid
Bryan Bertsch 
Sam Newell
Scott Shoemaker
Mike Babich
Team Diversity    Fully Paid
Sean Whelan
Jeffrey Rudenstein
Alex Fraser
Keith Nyberg
Team Warboys     Fully Paid
Gary Washington
Jesse Bares
Jared Ramm
Scott Mason
The Emperor's Neckbeards (Team #1)     Fully Paid
Mike Genoni 
Aaron Bang
Sean Meininger
Alex Pappas
The Emperor's Neckbeards (Team #2)    Fully Paid
Tycho Carlsen
Steve Keltner
Donovan Lalka
John Genoni
Warhamsters: Devlan Studs      Fully Paid
Jim Graham 
Jason Marcel
Kevin Sekac
Allan Bailey
Warhamsters: Hamateurs      Fully Paid
Eli Ninneman
Brad Nardone
Devin Hultfgren
Tim Haines
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