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Warmachine Conversion Policy Question

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OK, question on Warmachine's conversion policy, specifically this part:



  • The majority of a converted model's volume must be composed of parts from Privateer Press models. To avoid confusion, the conversion should include iconic elements of the model it is intended to represent.


"Iconic elements" is the part I'm debating.  What I want to do is put Khador torsos on Cygnar jacks (the rest being Cygnar arms, legs, heads, whatnot.

Why?  I like the bulkiness of the Khador bodies better and want a smoother hull for my paint scheme: without (grasp pearls) the swans!  


I'm thinking of a Maschinen Krieger scheme (kinda US Army) that pairs better with the Trenchers and Darius.  So the less faction markings, the better.



Alternatively, I can just go with Khador - they do have the awesome Man-o-Wars, Devastators, Grolars and now Bran und Lug!  But I'd like some foot troops thrown in... Winterguard Rifle Corp are cool and I think I can live with just them - its just that the Trenchers fit my aesthetic better.


Thoughts?  Would Khador torsos on Cygnar jacks be tournament legal?  I can use the Grind Khador light jack torsos for the lighter jacks.   


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It's going to be up to the TO at the event, of course, but "iconic elements" usually means that you should be able to show this model to a moderately experienced player, and they should be able to identify it immediately by sight. Which said, khadoran torso + cygnaran everything else would probably be okay, though I think the proportions would look a little weird.

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