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Wrapping my head around the Realms

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One of the toughest things for me with AoS, fluffwise, has been grasping the concept of the Realms. I just saw this quote from Josh Reynolds that goes a long way to clearing things up for me:


Josh Reynolds said on AskFM:

“It's not all weird funky magic terrain...some of it is fairly normal. There are or could be variations on all of them [civilizations resembling Cathay, Ind, Albion, Ancient Nehekara, Nippon, Estalia and Tilea] in every realm.


Each realm has jungles, deserts, forests, oceans and meadows just like the old world (Everchosen book scenario 3 I think shows it best) each realm has a higher degree of that particular magic. Forests in the realm of metal are still made of leaves and wood, but have a bit more of a copper tint to the wood, or more iron in the leaves than normal. Some areas will be beaches of crushed silver. So food can be grown anywhere, wood felled anywhere and minerals mined anywhere. Obviously you could say that the realm of life could have the best quality wood for cabinets and tables, but wood from the realm of beasts is far larger and better for making ships out of one piece!


On the side of 'normal' people, there are ordinary human settlements across the realms who have survived the depredations of chaos. There is enough space for pockets of cities and civilisations to have remained largely untouched by war. Economy in those places will be established but finished from the lack of trade from the realms. As the Realmgate wars see settlers coming back to the realms, cities and towns will grow and a new economy will arrive. Most likely with Azyrheim being the Capital city with luxuries being their main export."

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Thanks for sharing Jeff.  Yes the whole idea of the realms has thrown a lot of people off, especially since AoS is young and there hasn't been a lot of time to create explanatory fluff.  I think the idea of the realms is absolutely great.  It makes the world so much bigger, allowing for a greater degree of freedom in storytelling and creation of characters and places, especially for fan fiction.  It also allows for all the special rules which makes each game unique and allows players to create narrative for their individual battles.  

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Its familar to me since i played amber diceless a few times, it too had place of chaos

and amber or azyr realm and places in between..


Also reminds me of zen teachings about the tree of life and different stations. The world is hard to understand mostly because GW is using "fog of war" style element so they are focused on the narrative rather then city building.

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