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Stacking of "Ward Saves" Question

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I'm using "ward saves" for lack of a better term.  Basically the extra save rolls that may occur when a unit suffers a wound.  For example, the Luminark of Hysh's aura of protection which deflects a wound on a 6 after the normal failed save roll.


My question: Is there any reason why such "ward saves" could not stack?  For example, a unit is within range of a Luminark's Aura of Protection, but has also had a Jade Battlemage's Lifesurge spell cast on it.  So they have 2 ward save rolls of a 6.  I'm thinking that, since different abilities generate these saves, you would simply roll one then roll the other for any that weren't saved on the first roll.


Thoughts?  Am I missing anything that would prevent this?  Thanks.

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