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Would like to discuss measuring again

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Now that the basics of the Generals Handbook are out we can see that GW is sticking with their intent of model to model measurement.Of course we will not be doing that,even though I have enjoyed playing that way but dont do base stacking,instead counting models that are in base to base to be within 1/2 of each other for measuring purposes.


Recently though I have tried a few games using model OR base measuring,what ever is closest.I really like this as it all but eliminates trying to "force" models under wings or around outstretched weapons in order to get into base to base contact.And actually base to base play can be explioted with modeling for advantage just like model to model can,were if you count both as measurement targets then theres no way to exploit it at all.


Attatching a couple of pics to show that there really isint much difference in game play,though with larger model count units,measuring this way can allow more back rank models to get into striking range,mostly ones that have spears or polearms of some sort.I believe this is the intent of GW`s design for AoS.



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Heres a couple of instances were base to base measurement can be expoited..


These pics are showing what could happen if a player were to only present a certain position of their model to the opponent,that is having either a board edge and/or other models wrapping the other borders of its base.This isint that hard to do with the ability to rotate the base as a model is moved,,keeping in mind that no portion of the base moves more than its movement allowance of course.


In both cases im using a Fulminator,,now it would be able to attack with its weapon due to the 2" range,but the Dracoths claws and fangs would be out of range.And in the case of the Zombie Dragon,the Dragon could attack with both Maw and claws due to 2+ inch range.


The Mortis engine would not be able to attack either in this case but of course its main purpose isint melee anyway.


I just bring this up as ive had this issue before with other models and im sure theres several other instances.



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Naw thats a cheat not explorition. If my charge roll or pile in roll would bring me to your base just cause a wing or spear is sticking out. Does not change that fact that im at you base for. If you are measuring base to base your wing sticking out is an obstruction and im allowed to move around it. Page 3 faq

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The Mortis engine is on the old base that came with the pre AoS kit...I do intend to rebase( i dont like the sharp corners,heh) but its perfectly leagal on this one as well


I probably should have placed addional models or obstructions around the models to be more clear.Im implying that you couldnt move around the model and those angles are the only ones available,just to show that it can be an issue,rare but possible.


Now if we were measuring model OR base..none of this would be an issue of course.Plus it would solve any future notions of TO`s having to come up with basing standards for models.

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Hmm lets put a pin in this for now. Its hard for either of us to debate this way. I feel we're both not expressing ourselves right. To be continued for face to face

Yeah,,its not a big deal with me.Just wanted to throw it out there as we near a more formal environment to play in:)

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Was discussing this over at TGA forums and it was pointed out to me that there has been instances of modeling for advantage,mainly in the form of ranked troops with extra long weapons giving a unit a large amount of attacks when they otherwise wouldnt.


So heres what I propose to eliminate issues with models not being able to get into base contact due to model overhang.

Opposing models that have come in contact with one another in an attempt to engage in combat through pile in or charging,but are unable to get into base contact due to model overhang from the base shall be considered to be "as close as possible" for purposes of melee combat and pile-in.Thus even though the models arent actually in base contact they can succeed in charging and can engage in melee but wont be able to move further(unless retreating) until one or the other has been eliminated.

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