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Summer Campaign starts next week.

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Heres a link to a blog that has posted the first scenario-




I thought this would run throughout the summer but it is actually only a 4 week event.This first scenario is designed for 1000 pts games,but of course players can play it any way they want.The one thing to be aware of is that you will need 3 battleline units for this.


Ive yet to hear back from GG if they had recieved their campaign pack for this yet.The packet will include cards for players to track their painting and game progress on as well as some of the Warscrolls they have in their army.These cards will be collected at the end of the campaign by the shops then they will report all the points for each faction that they tallied up,this total will be used to determine the direction of the next story arc,,,or at least thats the way I understand it.


Anyhow,if I dont here from GG by next weekend I would recommend players check with their local game shops to see if they have a packet and are participating in it.Or we can arrange games at the GW store at Eastport,Tyler says he usually has at least one or both tables available,and he watches facebook regularly during store hours,so we can contact the store to set days and times for games through that,even just an hour notice works most times:).


I believe Derek said that Dice Age has a packet as well so it may be a good time to check that place out:)


As it stands now Im looking for an opponent for next weekend at GW Eastport or GG if I hear from them.1000 pts of Death forces of course:)


Ill be camping during the following week but back by the weekend looking for more games and of course to pick up the new Handbook as it will be out that Satureday.

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So it's only 4 weeks? On weekends only? How is progress checked? 4 weeks doesn't seem like a long time to decide the fate of the realm of life lol

You can play games whenever you want if you have a partner, it doesn't HAVE to be in a game store, you only report there.  Progress is checked by how many warscrolls you paint and how many games you play. I guess that means people could lie, but whats the fun in that haha.


Basically I think the alliance that wins is the one that gets painted and used the most.

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So it's only 4 weeks? On weekends only? How is progress checked? 4 weeks doesn't seem like a long time to decide the fate of the realm of life lol

If you guys can make the Trip to the GW store next Saturday,ill meet for a 1k point game with ya there,get our cards and all that good stuff.


Im going to try to make myself available for this event as much as possible,,that means games during the week eveings if someone wants.That would mean even WoW,but would need to get a record card first of course.

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You can earn points for painting,,so make sure you bring unpainted stuff so you can show a model that will be painted,heh.

Yeah I'm saving a couple models to paint just so I can get the points during the campaign haha



You wanna start early ;)

I might be there this Sunday haha, but I don't think Trent would give us the points yet 

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