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July 23- Portland Historical Wargaming Day

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The next Portland Historical Wargaming day is Saturday, July 23rd, from 2pm to 6pm at Guardian Games (in the back bar).  


There will be another game of "Pikes Rampant" (an English Civil War pike & shotte variant of the Lion Rampant rules) and one or two participants are needed for this game.  

There will also be a SAGA warband (or two) loitering around and thus available for a game or two - so bring your dark ages faction of choice if you'd like.

There will also be a game of Blucher (tabletop Napoleonic wargame) taking one or two players


There will also be free stickers. Say what? Free stickers? Yep, free stickers.




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Quick reminder and update that next Portland Historical Wargaming day is this Saturday from 2-6 in the bar at Guardian Games, featuring another hosted game of Pikes Rampant (ECW variant of Lion Rampant), plenty of SAGA dark ages skirmish fun, and a hosted Napoleonics game of Blucher!


Meet and connect with other historio-curious miniature wargamers in the greater Portland area, roll some dice, push some lead around, drink a beer, get a free sticker, see you Saturday!

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