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Summer Campaign website is up

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Looks like Gaurdian didnt get a packet for it:(


Anyhow we do have at least 4 stores in the Portland area that are participating.


Ancient wonders on the west side,far east side is Nexus in Gresham.The of course the GW store at Eastport and the Portland Game store on the North side.


Anyhow up for a game this Saturday?,Ill probably hit the GW store with Colin after it opens:)

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I only see activity at Glimpses in Sherwood and the Eastport GW store,Order domination of course...


Ill be heading out camping this week so not likely to get any recordable games in soon.Actually with out having GG as a participating store,the area is not going to have much activity with this,especially since it only runs for 4 weeks.

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That's true. Definitely saw a lot of that.  But overall victories in games are a very small percentage of how the campaign is calculated I have found.  


For each victory you get 1 point towards your points for the campaign.  You also get a point for each game played (up to 6), each warscroll paint job completed (up to 6), 1 if you add a new hero to your army, 1 if you add a new monster to your army, and up to 3 for adding any other units to your army.  And of course you get a point for each new model you buy from the store haha.  

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