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Speed Wolves + Assassin


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This list is all about the double movement power. With a 50% chance (I think, someone can do the numbers) of getting it makes getting around real easy. Going first I get I have only a 1 and 6 chance of not getting some form of movement bonus. I can drop the wulfen in the drop pods if needed to put pressure on my opponent. With the speed of the army it makes hiding very hard. The wulfen unit are hard to kill and are a huge threat themselves. I been only having issues with Deathstars and I think the assassin is the answer to that.




lvl 1 Libby on jet pack

5 blood claws with drop pod

5 blood claws with rhino

2 drop pods

6x thunderwolves with 6 Storm shields, 2 Power Fist,



Wulfen with 5 Thunder hammer and Storm Shield

Wulfen with 5 Thunder hammer and Storm Shield

Wulfen with 3 Thunder hammer and Storm Shield, 2 with great axe and 1 auto gun

Wulfen with 4 Thunder hammer and Storm Shield, 1 frost claws



Culexus assassin


The Question I have are does the assassin need a rhino for protection from shooting and Vector strike things?

Does the New FAQ stop my Wulfen from using the drop pods.


Also when do you roll for the Wulfen power as the new FAQ addressed it but as I is now. The order of operation I think allows me to roll after the drop pods come down but before Movement. I get to choice which I do but I am not 100% on this.

I am needing to make sure as I don't ant to cheat someone.


Tell me what you think.



Read more: http://thetyranidhive.proboards.com/thread/51510/speed-wolves-assassian#ixzz4HXsRbI4c

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It's not about timing. It's just a flat restriction. If they were in a Transport at the start of the Turn, they don't count for Curse of the Wulfen. Doesn't matter if they Disembarked before you roll for CotW or whatever, if they started the Turn in a Transport, they don't count for that turn,

That the new faq? or in the rules somewhere that I am missing?

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