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Fulgurite Electro Priests in kill team


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Tinkering with kill team options, and started venturing into other books, books I don't really have armies in. Electopriests from cult mechanicus caught my eye:


Siphoned Vigour: If a unit that contains one or more models with this special rule
completely destroys an enemy unit (i.e. causes the last model in the enemy unit to be
removed as a casualty) in the Assault phase, all voltagheist fields in the unit confer a 3+
invulnerable save instead of a 5+ invulnerable save until the end of the battle. This
includes catching an enemy unit in a Sweeping Advance.
If several units with this special rule are involved in a multiple combat, be sure to resolve
each unit’s close-combat attacks separately to determine which (if any) of the units
completely destroy an enemy unit.


The Distinction here, is that with every model being their own unit, the viability of the electropriests go way up, because now you only need to kill a single model to gain a 3++.


Figured I'd point it out, since electro priests are largely regarded as worthless in normal 40k.

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Except isn't each model considered an individual unit, and no longer a part of its original unit, and thus would not Chain Lighting the 3++ in the way you are describing?


<---- Has not read KT RB

In kill team. Each model would be a model that contains one or more models with this special rule. And each of the opponent's models would be one entire unit.


So unlike 40k, where destroying an entire unit means killing 5-20 models, in kill team, your Electropriests only need to kill a single model (like one guardsmen or one termagant) in order to gain a 3++. Granted, yes, the Electroprests are each their own unit, so each would have to individually kill another model to each individually gain a 3++, but that is much more manageable when 1 enemy unit is only one model (and often cheap weak ones at that).

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I agree.  It seemed to me as though you were suggesting that you kill a single enemy model and trigger the 3++ for all of your priests.

That would be nice, but unfortunately isn't how it works. Same reason apothecary models are probably a bad investment for kill team (they only heal themselves...)


Still, I thought it was worthwhile to point it out, as it's still hugely better than in normal 40k.

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