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Las Vegas Open, Anyone?


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Hello gents,


I know I haven't really been around the local scene anymore (other than picking up random hobby supplies), but I was wondering if anyone is going to the Las Vegas open in February? If so, i'd love to see some fellow Bellinghamsters down there. I just got my tickets and i'll be playing in the Bolt Action tournament.


I have been active in the Bolt Action community traveling down to Everett and I know 3 guys from that group are making the trip.


If anyone is ever interested in getting started in the game let me know. I'd love to teach! Its a really good/balanced rule set and very easy to learn the rules. You can get a full army with additional unit options for under 200$ - not bad for a non-skirmish level game. The order dice mechanic for when units get to activate is one of the coolest/unique mechanics I have seen in a miniature game IMO.


Sorry about the gaming plug - the main post is seeing if anyone is going down for the LV Open for any tournament or even just the convention.



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My table is getting delivered this week... I still have lots of family visits over the next couple weeks but by mid December that should come to an end :)

Awesome. Will be good to game again.


Cool that a couple of people are going! I dont think we have ever met (at least I cant put faces with the user names here). I'll try to pop in on a tuesday and introduce myself - that way I know who to root for in the 40k tournament. :smile:

I'm generally busy with work/family and so only really hit the store when I have a scheduled game.


I will root for ya anyway! Go Warhamsters!

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