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H: OOP Dark Elves, Frostgrave, DE Ravagers


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Office cleaning time, round two! Way too many projects, not nearly enough time on my hands.


2 Dark Eldar Ravagers, NIB

Trading these for a friend. He's looking to get the new Blood Bowl box set for the pair of them, but is also looking for Rhinos / Landraiders (standard "Godhammer," no Redeemer / Crusader), possibly of the 30K variety.





-Thaw of the Lich Lord book

-Cultist box (NOS) GONE

-Soldiers (1 sprue missing, some bits cut off other sprues) PENDING



OOP Dark Elves:

-Cauldron of Blood - NIB
-Dark Riders (4 DR) - plastic / metal,NIB
-Cold one Knights - plastic / metal, boxed opened, unassembled (4 per box)
-Cold One Chariot - plastic / metal, in box. Cold Ones built, rest unassembled. 
-15 Crossbowmen - previous edition plastics, assembled
Looking for:
Non-Knights stuff: Men-At-Arms, Battle Pilgrims, Damsels, etc.
Legion red book
5 Betrayal of Calth Terminators
Leviathan Dreadnought
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