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Checking if local players have any of the old IG tanks?


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Probably acquiring an AM/IG army in the near future, so checking if any local players have any of the following FW tanks, which FW has discontinued:


Atlas Recovery Vehicle

Destroyer Tank Hunter

Salamander (either version)


Just checking before I look into converting up new ones. Getting the actual tanks would be cool. 

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Weren't those always FW? I don't remember those every being released by normal GW.

Pretty sure the Salamander was a GW kit at one point. I edited the original list before posting, as I had the Griffon on there, which was a GW kit too.


Anyway, anyone have one or more of these?

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I haven't seen any around for a while. I'll keep an eye out for you.


I do have a lot of cheap guard right now though.



I'll take a look, though I'm currently expecting to win a rather large ebay lot (which is all unpainted.....so I'll be very busy). 

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