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Eldar Army and Imperial Datacards FS Added Tempestus Scions)


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I'm acting as an agent for a friend of mine who's moving and needs both cash and space, so can't take trades on these. I haven't really gone through the list to price them out, so at the moment, it's just open to reasonable offers. Most things are partially painted or just primed, but I don't actually have them on me at the moment to give more specific details. He'll be getting them to me in the next day or two so I can get pics.
Eldar Datacards
1 Eldrad
3 Farseers
1 Farseer on jet bike
1 fake Farseer on jet bike
4 Warlocks
1 Autarch (warp pack, melta, scorpion sword)
1 Autarch (wings, power weapon, reaper launcher)
2 fake Warlocks
10 Rangers (5 of them not entirely fully assembled, backpacks and pouches in bits)
14 Dire Avengers
20 Guardians
2 Eldar Gun Platforms
3 Shining Spears (no front covers to bikes)
5 Wraithguard (with swords)
5 Wraithguard (with D flamer)
1 Wraith Lord (sword, flamer)
18 Fire Dragons (3 Exarchs, weapon options in bits)
5 Howling Banshees (excharh with 2-handed weapon)
2 Wave serpents (very nearly fully assembled, but not quite)
6 Swooping Hawks (exarch included with special gun)
10 Warp Spiders - exarchs not fully assembled
1 Crimson Hunter
1 Hemlock Wraithfighter
2 Vypers (both not assembled, and 1 of them is missing the main front piece, so really just one Vyper and bits)
1 heavy support artilary model with swapable gun and 1 guardian model to go with it
1 Fire Prism (newer model with added weight on top, which is bad)
4 Grav Falcons (in varying degree of assembly, also the metal bits to convert 2 of these to fire prisms are included)
Many additional bits
Space Marine Datacards
Imperial Knights Datacards


- Militarum Tempestus Codex

- 5 current Scions assembled and painted: 2 Volley guns, Medic, 2 Officers with Bolt Pistols, one Officer also has a PowerFist

- 15 current Scions, partially clipped off the sprue, mostly just legs glued to bases. The bits from the three sets are all mixed together, so these kind of have to go as a lot.

- 5 Witchhunter Codex-era StormTroopers: Sarge, 2xPlasma, Melta, Flamer

- 31 Kasrkin-style StormTroopers: 2xSarge, 19 basic (2 are missing backpacks), 3 Flamer, 3 Grenade Launcher, 3 Plasma, 1 Melta

- 7 3rd-4th Ed metal Cadians: 3 Meltagun, 3 Plasmagun, Officer with PowerFist.

Looking for something in the vicinity of half retail for these, except for the painted plastics, which will be substantially cheaper.


Necron and Ultramarine Armies to be added.

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