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Books on a budget


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How to borrow books from far away.

Inter-library loan (ILL) connects a network of libraries to loan books to readers who are located far from the "home" library of that book.

Worldcat is a cataloging website that can be used to find copies the book.


Contact your local library and ask them about their participation in inter-library loan.

If they do, then get a library card and...

Browse or search worldcat. Includes various formats of "books"

      For example, in this entry


       the "book" (and/or related material) is available in Large-print, DVD and eAudiobook

Find the book and one to several locations - libraries - where it is held, closest to your local library.

Record that information - book and sources.

Contact your library to request the book through ILL.

Your library will notify you when the book comes in.

Check out the book from your library.

Read and return in 4-6 weeks.

Your library will ship the book back to its repository.


At least, this is how it worked for me a few years ago.

Things might have changed...

If the libraries are tight on funds, there might be fees involved, but when I did it, it was free, with my library card.

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