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FS: Burning of Prospero MK III Marines and more...


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Hi there...I have several squads of the MK III Marines from the Burning of Prospero boxed set available for sale.  I'm in Portland, OR, can meet at WOW or possibly eslewhere in Portland. Please PM me if interested, thanks...


10 MK III Marines (from the GW page)  $20 per 10 man squad.

Each set of 10 comes with

-        10 Phobos-pattern bolters,
-        11 chainswords (one left-handed, allowing a Sergeant to take 2 chainswords),
-        1 heavy bolter,
-        1 power sword,
-        1 power fist,
-        1 Phobos-pattern bolt pistol,
-        1 plasma pistol,
-        1 lightning claw,
-        1 melta gun,
-        1 plasma gun,
-        1 Legion Vexila;

as well as 12 helmeted heads and 2 bare heads, with an included transverse helmet crest.


Updated...Tartaros Terminators sold.

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